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River vs Ocean

It’s the question cruisers have been asking for years; Ocean or River? It’s not the easiest question to answer! Would you prefer a large cruise liner with restaurants, casinos and sports centres or a quieter river cruise with luxury and personalisation at the top of your priorities?

  • Cruise liners have so much more to offer!
  • River cruises can take you through the heart of a city…
  • Cruise liners can take you all over the world!
  • River cruises can make you feel like royalty.

Not convinced yet? We’re only scratching the surface of what River Cruises and Ocean Liners have to offer, take a look below to find out which one will suit your needs best; Ocean or River?

5 Star Ocean Cruise5 Star River Cruise
Cruise Fare (per person)



Home Pick Up

£246 (based on 100 miles return)

Included (Unlimited)
Return Transport

Included (Flights)

Included (Flights)

All Meals Onboard



Onboard Entertainment



Gratuities/ Tips



Wine With Lunch And Dinner

£66 (2 per night)

Included (Unlimited)

After Dinner Drinks

£99 (3 per night)

Included (Unlimited)

Soft Drinks

£45 (3 per night)

Included (Unlimited)

Shore Excursions


Included (Unlimited)

Tea And Coffee

£45 (2 per night)

Included (Unlimited)

Bottled Water

£15 (1 per night)

Included (Unlimited)


£68 (150 mins)

Included (Unlimited)




Comparision between the Uniworld 27 July 9 night river cruise and the Celebrity Eastern Med Reflection 25 July 10 night cruise. All prices are per person.The ocean Cruise is one day extra. Homepick up is based on 100 miles return for the ocean option but the river option is unlimited. Flights are both economy. All meals included on board on both cruises. Gratuities are included on the river option the ocean option works out out £75 for the overall trip. Wine with lunch & dinner & Tea & Coffee is based on 2 per night with the ocean option, however with the river option this is unlimited. Both After dinner drinks & soft drinks are based on 3 per night each but with the river option are included. Bottled water is based on one per day with the ocean option with the river option this is unlimited. The shore excursions with the river option are all included in each port, the price of the ocean shore excursions is the median of all shore excursions for each port. Wi-Fi is based on 150 mins (15 mins per night) with the ocean option but the river option again is unlimited.

The above information is to be used as a guide only. Please check with individual cruiselines or your cruise consultant before booking a cruise. Each cruiseline reserves the right to change their policy at any time without notice for which cannot be held responsible. The information is compiled and calculated by - this information is not to be reproduced without prior permission.

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