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Travel Insurance




Falling ill abroad can be very costly if you are not insured. Serious illness can see medical bills easily reach tens of thousands of pounds!

Sadly, some people cannot take a cruise because of the death, injury or illness of a relative, business associate or travel companion & this could cost you the value of your holiday if you do not have adequate travel insurance. Most cruise lines also insist that their passengers have appropriate travel insurance before they can travel.

Why do I need cruise travel insurance? 

Cruises can be expensive so having adequate travel insurance for your cruise is essential. As cruises are often booked a year in advance Staysure offer travel insurance up to 13 months before your departure date on all single trip policies – we want to make sure that you enjoy your holiday, with the knowledge that your cruise insurance is all taken care of.

For some, cruises are a chance to relax and be pampered whilst soaking up the sun or catching up on a novel; for others, they are a chance to explore the world and experience different cultures. If you are the latter you’ll be pleased to know that cruise travel insurance with Staysure covers you for a multitude of sports and activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, safaris, fishing, water-skiing and much more – even camel and elephant rides

Why choose Staysure? 

More than 1 million customers have insurance with Staysure, entrusting them with the protection and safety of their holiday. This is down to Staysure providing a mixture of impeccable customer services and great policy benefits, all for a sensible price. As well as a Basics range, Staysure also provide a Comprehensive policy for those who want to enjoy even more cover. Click to get a quote below and take a look at the policies on offer.



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