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European Cruises

London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Athens… Europe is chock-a-block with world-class cultural capitals rich with natural beauty. This diverse continent showcases its thousands of years of history in its grand monuments, from the acropolis in Athens to the imperial palaces of St Petersburg. Away from the main cities, European cruises involve unforgettable scenery whether it’s the mirrorlike lochs of the Scottish Highlands, majestic fjords of Norway or Mediterranean beaches. Explore this grand continent, the cradle of Western civilisation.


British Isles

British Isles Cruises

Fishing villages, stately castles and rolling hills all await you on a tour of the British Isles.



Scandinavian cruises focus on Nordic destinations like Oslo and Bergen, though some will extend the itinerary into the wider Baltic Sea region. The star of the Nordic cruise show are Norway’s majestic fjords, which offer an unforgettable landscape dotted with pine trees and crashing waterfalls.

Baltic Sea

The Baltics Cruises

Admire all the traditional charm and imperial grandeur of port cities along the Baltic Sea, whether you’re visiting the pristine islands of Stockholm or the majestic palaces of St Petersburg.

Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Cruises

You’ll walk Dubrovnik’s Old Town, snap the infamous landmarks of Rome and explore the hidden gems of Barcelona. The cuisine ranges from the much-loved pesto in Genoa to the traditional dish of Apochti in Santorini.

What You Need To Know About Europe

When is the best time to visit Europe?

Europe’s considered a year-round cruising destination, although the best time to visit will depend on your itinerary. You’ll find a spot of winter sunshine in southerly reaches of the continent like the Canary Islands, but for northern European itineraries through the Baltic Sea or Norwegian fjords the summer months are best. The Mediterranean’s beaches are at their finest between June and September, with Greece’s beaches remaining comfortably warm well into October. The autumn is an excellent time to visit Europe for its harvest festivals and fall foliage, while December brings the charm and cheer of traditional Christmas markets!

What are the can’t-miss highlights of a European cruise?

This continent is, to put it mildly, rather massive… so there are both well-known highlights like the canals of Venice, Colosseum in Rome or Eiffel Tower in Paris. However, there are also many hidden gems to explore on a tour of Europe including medieval German villages and sleepy Greek islands. View the Tower Bridge in London for amazing city views, or Norway’s rugged fjords for truly spectacular scenery. Madrid’s Royal Palace is well worth a gander, while Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate gives you insight into centuries of European history. And while Venice’s canals are enchanting, nothing compares to the grandeur and glitz of St Mark’s Basilica!

What are the visa requirements?

With a British passport, you’ll be able to enter virtually all of Europe without restriction. Europe’s Schengen Zone covers 26 different countries within Europe, offering freedom of movement within the region. So if you enter in Austria, you won’t need to show your passport again as you cross the border into Hungary on a Danube river cruise. There’s one country where you might need to apply for a visa – Russia. If you’re cruising to St Petersburg and want to explore away from your official tour group, you’ll need to apply in advance for a tourist visa to do so.

What regional European dishes should you try?

European cuisine is widely regarded as delicious the world over, from Italian pasta and pizza to French croissants and Austrian wiener schnitzel. The possibilities are endless! Don’t miss out on the chance to try waffles in Belgium, where they’re the perfect blend between light and crispy and served with strawberries and cream. There are many forms of dumplings across eastern Europe, such as Polish pierogi with their potato or cheese fillings. Speaking of cheese, it’s beloved throughout Europe but particularly in Switzerland where Gruyere or Emmenthal is melted down into the gooey goodness of fondue. For dessert, try the chocolate variety!


Ventura Ship



By: Webb, on 6th Dec 2021

Been on many cruises with different companies but this is my favourite ship. Lovely friendly staff, will go on this ship in future loved it even though we missed two ports but that was the weather.

Great ship - great choice!


By: Cluderay , Leeds on 17th Dec 2021

From boarding to disembarking we had a great time. We did quite a few of the excursions organised by the ship and enjoyed them all. Excellent transport and knowledgeable guides.


There are 50 countries included in Europe, although a few of these fall into Asia as well. Russia’s the largest country in Europe, followed by Ukraine. At the smaller end of the spectrum is the tiny Vatican City, housed entirely within the city of Rome!

  •       You’ll find remnants of the mighty Roman empire throughout Europe – the Empire’s territories spread north into Britain, eastward into the Balkans and south all the way to northern Africa. In addition to Rome’s impressive ruins like the Colosseum, well-preserved Roman complexes include the Imperial Baths of Trier in Germany, Pont du Gard in France and Pula Arena in Croatia.
  •       Istanbul is the only city which straddles two continents, positioned on the Bosphorus Strait which connects Europe with Asia. This gives it a unique east-meets-west culture with the Roman Hippodrome and Byzantine Hagia Sophia.

There’s a multitude of languages spoken in this diverse continent, but most of them can be divided into three main groups – Romance, Germanic and Slavic. You’ll find some obscure languages that fall outside the boundaries, particularly the Silbo language from the Spanish island of Gomera. Silbo consists entirely of different pitches of whistles, developed by the locals to suit Gomera’s mountainous landscapes!

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