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Shibaozhai is literally a small village, some farms and a magnificent temple. Cruising along the Yangtze you will see a huge rock standing on the rivers northern bank which stands 164 ft high. Built against this rock is a 12 storey vermilion pavilion. Shibaozhai consists of a gate, a pavilion and a temple. The gate is caved with some vivid reliefs. Within the gate is the 184 feet high 12-storey wooden pavilion. It is the tallest specimen of ancient architecture with the most storeys in China and reputed as one of the eight fantastic examples of architecture in the world. A spiral staircase in the pavilion can take tourists to the top to reach the temple. Inside the pavilion, there are steles and inscriptions of past dynasties of each floor. Visitors can also admire the spectacular Yangtze River from the windows of each floor. A visit to Shiboazhai is a highlight of a river cruise and a spectacular sight to behold as you cruise towards it.