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European River Cruises

From fairy-tale castles to Roman ruins, Europe’s waterways are studded with star attractions. You’ll enjoy a slower pace of travel on a European river cruise, whether you’re passing through the romantic Normandy countryside along the Seine or through the wilds of the Black Forest along the Danube. The Moselle, Douro, Rhine, and Rhone all take passengers through the heartland of Europe to enjoy its most enchanting villages and cosmopolitan cities. View medieval architecture, WWII monuments and nature reserves along the way.


Rhine River

River Rhine

The Rhine River cuts through some of Germany’s most dramatic storybook scenery as it winds its way between Rudesheim and Koblenz. From hilltop castles to terraced vineyards and half-timbered houses, you’ll see scenes straight from a fairy-tale! The river’s full journey covers 820 miles, and it was used as an important trade route by the Romans - highlights include cities like Cologne with its Roman ruins.

Danube River

River Danube

The legendary Danube River is Europe’s second-largest. It can measure up to a mile in width in some parts and touches a full ten countries on its way to the Black Sea! Medieval architecture meets modern industry here. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore, from the opera houses of Vienna to the relaxing bath houses of Budapest. Vineyards, sleepy villages and wildlife reserves round out the attractions.

Douro River

River Douro

Enjoy a slower, gentler pace of life on a Douro River cruise. The Douro stretches its way leisurely from the Atlantic Ocean at Porto to the town of Vega de Terron in Spain. Along the way, it passes through a region famed for its port wine, with tiny villages and a gently rolling, golden landscape to rival Napa Valley or Tuscany. Be sure to explore Porto with its colourful hilltop houses and vibrant art scene!


Enjoy the journey from Paris to the English Channel on a cruise down the Seine. This French waterway passes through the lush Norman countryside, with highlights including Monet’s gardens at Giverny and the over-the-top beauty of Versailles Palace. History buffs can visit the notorious Normandy beaches of WWII and fishing town of Honfleur; and all the attractions of Paris await from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower.

What You Need To Know About European Rivers

When is the best time to book a European river cruise?

Summer is traditionally the best time to navigate Europe’s waterways, when river levels have receded from spring’s rainy season yet haven’t had a chance to freeze over in the winter. You’ll be able to soak in the sunshine on your ship’s deck and get out to explore the countryside on hiking, biking or kayaking excursions. However, winter is also an enchanting time of year to take a cruise particularly along the Rhine, Danube, or Rhone rivers which allow you to visit traditional Christmas markets. And of course, there’s nothing like Paris in the springtime which makes this an ideal time for a cruise along the Seine!

What are the can’t-miss highlights of a European river cruise?

There’s a picture-perfect moment beyond every bend in the top European rivers, from quaint fishing villages to storybook castles. Highlights along the Rhine river include the towering cathedral and chocolate museum of Cologne, while the Douro winds its way through UNESCO listed port wine-producing regions in Portugal. The Seine takes you from the romantic streets of Paris with its iconic Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to the famous D-Day beaches of Normandy, stopping off in Monet’s famous Giverny gardens along the way. And for outdoor adventures, the Danube offers attractions including the nature enclaves of the Black Forest and Danube Valley.

What are the visa requirements?

A European river cruise involves virtually zero red tape for UK residents, which is one of the major plusses of this type of holiday! You don’t even have to set foot in an airport if you choose to combine rail tickets with your sailing experience – just take the Eurostar to mainland Europe to get to your cruise’s starting point. Nearly all the countries you visit will be part of the EU, with nothing required save for your valid passport. You can expect easy freedom of movement whether you’re drifting down the Moselle, Rhine or Danube, ensuring a fuss-free holiday experience.

What regional European river cruise dishes should you try?

You’ll be truly spoilt for choice on a European river cruise. Many cruises pass through several countries as part of their standard itinerary, all with their own unique culinary flavours to enjoy. Perhaps one of the best is the cruise down the Seine, which gives you flavours of Normandy including apple tarts, camembert cheese and calvados. The Danube’s not too shabby either with Austrian wiener schnitzel and Bavarian sausages on offer, while the Rhine Valley is famed for its luscious pot roast and locally produced Riesling wine. And for those cruising along the Moselle, expect honey-laden pastries and freshly caught baked trout.


  • Of all the rivers snaking their way across the European continent, Russia’s Volga River is the longest. It flows for much of the full length of Russia, emptying into the Caspian Sea. The Danube is the longest within the EU region, flowing through a staggering ten countries across central and eastern Europe.


  • Many European rivers flow through major wine-producing regions, helping provide irrigation to the lush valleys and terraced vineyards. One example is the Moselle, which winds its way between Koblenz and Trier. The Douro River in Portugal is also famed for its adjacent vineyards, making these (among many others like the Rhine and Seine) top choices for wine tasting excursions.


  • Europe’s rivers also support a varied range of wildlife. Central Europe’s Elbe River includes a biosphere reserve region with protected wetland habitats, where you may spot red and black kits, long-legged cranes and storks. The Danube Delta is also protected, being home to tortoises and over 300 species of bird life.


  • Before we had motorways and airports, Europe’s rivers were the best way for merchants to get around. That’s why you’ll find so many well-preserved villages and trading outposts along their banks, including UNESCO World Heritage sites galore!

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