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Eastern Horizons 1
Marella Cruises Formerly Thomson / Marella Discovery / Indian Ocean
By Hindes, Chelmsford on 11th Dec 2019
Eastern Horizons

21st November

Fight on time- a good start. Check in to the ship quick. Although it is late the buffet restaurant is still open with a good selection of food. Cabin fine. Luggage arrives quickl ...
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Firxst cruise wuith Cunard
Cunard Cruises / Queen Victoria / Iberia
By Cornish, Clacton on 11th Dec 2019
After a number of cruises with P  and O, we decided to try a short cruise with Cunard on Queen Victoria. We had an open mind, although our mobility assistant at Southampton remarked "You will notice the difference"!
We much l ...
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First and Last
Costa Cruises / Costa Pacifica / South America
By Davis, AGUILAS on 10th Dec 2019
Warning long review 

I choose this cruise for 2 reasons price and destination, having read the reviews of Costa Cruises on this site, and noted that no new reviews had been posted for some ...
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Xmas markets
Cruise & Maritime Voyages / Columbus / Europe
By bruce, Ilford on 9th Dec 2019

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