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Fabulous Funtime ! just what the Dr ordered!
Marella Cruises / Marella Discovery 2 / Mediterranean
By Pateman, Cullompton on 17th May 2022
This was an 8 night cruise starting from Palma, visiting Spain, France and Italy.
After the fun ? Of  Pre departure LFT test it was all plain sailing.!
The ship itself Discovery 2 we hadn’t sailed on before but we found her to be a lo ...
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Enchanted Princess left us thoroughly enchanted
Princess Cruises / Enchanted Princess / Canaries
By Findlay-Bill, Bourne on 17th May 2022
We had done our LFT test online before setting off for Southampton but there was no queue at the terminal for testing, you could just walk straight in. 
We waited about 20 mins for our car to be checked in by CPS then we carried our own ...
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Good cruise but not the same under Covid rules
Marella Cruises / Marella Explorer / Canaries
By Wren, Worthing on 16th May 2022
It was nice at last to get a cruise holiday after all the past couple of years cancellations. The pre-cruise Covid tests that has to be completed prior to sailing is a real pain, the Chronmics paid for Covid testing that can only be done after 9 ...
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Abiding Memories - don’t end low
Royal Caribbean Cruises / Voyager of the Seas / Baltic
By Brownson, Bishop Auckland on 16th May 2022

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