Seasons to Sail

One of the first questions you'll ask yourself when you're planning a cruise holiday is, "Where do I want to go and when can I go there?" The answer to these questions can be trickier than you think, given that cruise ships only visit some destinations during certain seasons of the year. So here is a quick guide to point you in the right direction.

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This is a short season so you can catch the best weather in the Alaskan Fjords.
This is a year long season, although the Winter months see more ships as they have repositioned for the peak season. In the Summer months mostly Australian cruise lines sail from Sydney.

Canada &
New England

Traditionally a short season to see 'New England in the Fall' and the Autumn Colours.
This is a year-long season, although the winter months see more ships as they reposition from the Mediterranean. Although the weather is warm year long, the later summer months may see some hurricane action.
Dubai & Middle East
Generally a Winter sun destination or world cruise stop off. Probably too hot and humid in the summer months.
Far East
This is again a short season to catch the best of the weather in the South China Sea.
All year round, speciality cruising.
Hawaii & Pacific
You can sail all year round in Hawaii, with a ship based in Honolulu, but far more ships sail to Hawaii in the Winter months from LA or San Diego.
This is year-long season, although the summer months see more ships as they have repositioned from the Caribbean (mostly). The Winter months could see colder and more inclement weather.
Mexican Riviera
Can be all year round from LA, but care may be needed at times of US holiday seasons as lots of students may make it a little more boisterous than you would expect.
Northern Europe
The main season for cruising to the Fjords or Baltics is during the Summer; but you can sail the Fjords on a speciality cruise throughout the year.
South America
In the Southern Hemisphere, their Summer is our winter, so going at these times make the best of the weather.
World Cruise
Generally to be away for the worst of the winter, with a variety of destinations and trips available.
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The above information is to be used as a guide only. Please check with individual cruiselines or your cruise consultant before booking a cruise. Each cruiseline reserves the right to change their policy at any time without notice for which cannot be held responsible. The information is compiled and calculated by - this information is not to be reproduced without prior permission.