Cruise and Maritime Terms and Conditions





Please carefully read this General Information,

which contains useful details that you need to know

before you book your cruise holiday. Should there

be some additional information that you require or

you have questions about any aspect of your cruise,

please do not hesitate to contact us. Fuller, more

detailed information will be forwarded in our presailing

booklet around two months before you sail.



There is no restriction on the amount of luggage that you

may bring on board the cruises which depart from and return

to the UK. If you are travelling on a fly-cruise, or are flying

to your UK embarkation port, the amount of accompanying

baggage will be limited by the airline baggage allowance,

which is usually 15 -20kgs per person, dependent on the

carrier. In order to reduce the risk of accidental damage during

baggage handling, please do not overpack your suitcases and

also ensure that no one item of baggage weighs more than

23kgs/50lbs. As there are no separate Baggage Room facilities

aboard our ships, it should be noted that all baggage must be

stored within the cabin. Under bed storage is available in

most cabins for suitcases not exceeding 23cms depth. We

strongly recommend the use of security locks for your luggage

for all parts of your journey. Jewellery, medication, travel

documents, passport and other valuables should be kept in

your hand luggage. All baggage should be clearly labelled,

do not forget to specify your name and cabin number on the

luggage labels. The Company is not responsible for any loss

or damage to your luggage during transit to or from the ship.

In case of loss or damage advise the carriers involved and

your insurance company.


Booking Conditions

In order to travel aboard our ships it is important that

passengers read and sign, or in the case of web bookings,

acknowledge that they have read the Booking Conditions,

which cover the detailed terms and conditions under which

bookings are accepted. It is the passenger's responsibility to

ensure that all the ship's manifest information, including, but

not limited to, full names, dates of birth, passport details,

travel insurance and medical declarations are provided to

the company in a timely manner. Failure to provide such

information and a signed acknowledgement of our Booking

Conditions could result in a delay in boarding at Embarkation

or, in extreme circumstances, the permissions to board being



Brochure Information

The information contained in this brochure has been

checked for accuracy and is correct at the time of printing in

August 2012. Worldwide events subsequent to this date may

necessitate unavoidable alterations to our planned schedules.

Any such changes deemed to be significant or fundamental

to your booking will be advised to you accordingly. It should

also be noted that the destination photography and maps are

generic to the locations depicted and may not be a specific

representation of sights or in1ages to be viewed in a particular

port of call on the cruise booked. Similarly, cabin photography

is typical of the category shown but individual furnishings

and colour schemes may vary within the same cabin grade.


Children and Teens

Please note that Marco Polo is child-free and therefore for

the enjoyment of adult passengers only (16 years and above

at the time of sailing) . There are no dedicated recreational

facilities for children aboard Discovery, but nevertheless

accompanied children and teenagers under the age of 18 at

the date of sailing are of course welcome on board and, when

occupying a third or fourth berth in a cabin with two full fare

paying passengers, travel at the beneficial rate shown under

the 'Fares' boxes. Children and teens under the age of 18 at

the date of sailing but occupying a twin cabin with just one

accompanying adult, are charged at the full adult fare. We

are unable to carry infants under the age of six months at

the time of sailing.


Dress Code

During the day, attitudes are very relaxed and informality is

the key. Casual clothing is quite sufficient during the days at

sea and for time spent ashore. On certain shore excursions

and at some religious sites, discretion should be used so as

not to cause inadvertent offence with inappropriate clothing.

Advice will be given on board in such cases. Every day,

the Daily Programme suggests, as a guide, a mode of dress

for that particular evening's events. For Marco Polo and

Discovery there are generally two 'formal' or gala nights

planned on each cruise when many gentlemen wear a dinner

jacket, although a lounge suit is quite acceptable. The ladies

on these occasions have a chance to dress up and often opt

for evening or cocktail dresses. On evenings proposed as

'informal', a suit or smart jacket and trousers, with or without

a tie, for the men is suggested and the ladies have further

opportunities to look elegant in a cocktail dress, trouser su its

and stylish co-ordinates. A 'casual' recommendation often

covers evenings spent in port or when a special event such

as a deck party is scheduled. In these cases, the choice of

dress is left entirely to you.


Duty Free Sales

The on board shops are open daily when each ship is at sea,

but local customs regulations do not permit the sale of duty

free goods whilst a ship is in port. It should be noted that

liquor and tobacco products purchased will only be

delivered to your cabin on the last day of the cruise. Drink

and tobacco may of course be purchased throughout the

cruise from the ships' bars at the listed shipboard prices.


Electrical Appliances

All cabins feature llOv and 220v current and have an

electrical socket to allow small appliances such as electric

shavers, electric rollers and hair stylers to be used. Each

cabin is equipped with a hair dryer. It is advisable to bring a

UK three pin to European round two pin universal adapter

in order to access the electrical supply in the cabins.


Embarkation/Disembarkation Arrangements

The embarkation procedures at UK ports normally commence

four hours prior to the published sailing time. At final

disembarkation, you should allow approximately 90- 120

minutes from the scheduled arrival time before disembarkation.

The full embarkation and disembarkation procedures

and timings will be confirmed when tickets and cruise

documentation is despatched usually 14 days prior to sail date.


Extras not included

Please refer to page 4 for what is included in the fare. Unless

otherwise stated, the following extras are not included: travel

insurance; travel joining costs to the port of

embarkation; optional shore excursions; port parking; on

board expenditure of a personal nature i.e. drinks, gifts,

shopping, laundry, communications etc; any visa & health

certificate charges that may apply; and crew gratuities which

will be automatically billed to your on board account.


Flight Information

Our fares for fly-cruises that commence in Spain, Greece and

Turkey are based on economy class scheduled/low cost/charter

flights. Regional flights and upgrade options may be available

at a supplement and subject to availability. It should be noted

that our contracted fares may not always be available. In this

case we will offer you the best available flights at a supplement

which will be advised to you before you book. The earlier

you book, the more chance you have that our low

contracted fares are available. All flights are subject to

availability and the Carrier's terms and condit ions of

carriage and baggage res trictions (normally 15 - 20kgs per

person unless stated otherwise) . We reserve the right to

determine the carrier and routing.



According to international custom in the hospitality industry,

tipping is accepted as the standard recognition of good service.

For your greater convenience we operate an automatic tipping

system so instead of worrying how much and when to tip,

an amount of £5.00 pppn [including children] (£4.00 pppn

[including children] for cruises of more than 20 nights

duration) will be debited to your on board account.


Guaranteed Cabins

If we accept your booking, but are unable at the time to

quote you a specific cabin number, or you have booked one of

the Voyager Cabin Guarantees that are available on certain

cruises, we shall allocate you a 'guaranteed' cabin at the fare

quoted for your chosen grade of accommodation. Please note

that you may ultimately be located on a lower deck, or have an obstructed view. In most

cases, the c'abin number will be confirmed at the ticketing

stage; however, we reserve the right to make changes up to

the time of embarkation.


Health Requirements

At the time of going to press, passengers booked to travel on

Marco Polo Cruise P303 sailing 3rd January 2013 and P404

sailing 5th January 2014 are required to obtain a Yellow Fever

inoculation in advance of this cruise. There are currently no

mandatory vaccinations for visiting any of the other ports

of call of the cruises in this brochure. Useful up to date

inforn1ation is also available at:



Holiday & Accommodation Information

In this edition of our brochure, we have endeavoured to

provide as much essential information as space pern1its about

our ships. However, please bear in mind that from time to

time, certain facilities, activities entertainments and shore

excursions may be altered or withdrawn due to adverse

weather conditions, lack of demand, essential maintenance

work or other reasons beyond our control.



It should be noted that the cruise itineraries published in this

brochure are subject to amendment. Should major changes

to the ports of call, other than timing adjustments or the

order in which they are visited, become necessary we shall

endeavour to notify you in advance. Please note that in the

event of adverse weather or sea conditions that prevent

a vessel from calling at one of the scheduled ports of call,

alternative arrangements will be made where possible. This

is particularly pertinent to cruises around the waters of the

British Isles. The order of visiting scheduled ports of call may

also be varied due to congestion, tidal or other operational

reasons. It should also be noted that the viewing of natural

phenomena such as the Aurora Borealis or the Midnight Sun

are entirely dependent on favourable weather and/or

atmospheric conditions at the time.


International Passengers

Whilst our cruises are ostensibly sold to the British cruise

market, we continue to welcome passengers of other



Manage My Booking

Our online facility Manage My Booking, accessed through

our website, enables you to view your booking at any time

and complete or amend the personal information of all of

the passengers on your booking.

Visit and click on the Manage

My Booking icon button on our home page. Please also see

the Online Booking section below.


Medical Declarations

In the interest of your own safety and well-being, you must

be fit and healthy to take your cruise and all other travel

arrangements that you book with us. Therefore, the Company

must be advised at the time of booking of any pre-existing

medical condition and of any change to a passenger's condition

that occurs between booking and the sailing date. Medical

Declarations, on the Company's official form, will be

required by all passengers including those who a) are

pregr>ant or b) have a mental or physical disability, including

mobility limitations. The Declaration Forms are sent to

passengers with the pre-sailing documentation about two

months prior to sailing date. Cruise & Maritime Voyages

reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse boarding

to persons who in the opinion of the Company's Medical

Consultant are unfit to undertake the cruise or who have

failed to make full disclosure of the nature of their condition.

Upon arrival at the embarkation port, you will also be

required to complete a Public Health Questionnaire. If you

have suffered from any viral symptoms such as diarrhoea,

vomiting or flu-like symptoms within the 48 hours before

sailing, you must immediately contact your GP and notify us

providing details of the symptoms suffered. Based on the

information you provide, if we reasonably feel that you are

not fit to travel, we will not allow you to board. The

Company regrets that it cannot accept bookings from

passengers who will be twenty-eight weeks pregnant or more

by the end of their cruise. Please note that a failure to

disclose a specified medical condition may additionally

invalidate your travel insurance.

Medical Services

The services of our qualified medical staff are available to

you on board in the event of 'mal de mer' or an emergency. It

should be noted that the NHS does not cover treatment on

the ship and there is a scale of charges for surgery visits and

medical treatment. Such charges, which are usually claimable

under your travel insurance policy, less any excess amounts,

must be paid in full prior to your final disembarkation.

Seasickness tablets are available from Reception at a

nominal charge.


Mobility/Special Needs

A cruise is quite unlike a land based holiday and the ships of

our fleet are not ideally suited to prospective passengers in

wheelchairs or those who have limited mobility. It is

therefore essential that you contact our office to discuss

your requirements before you make a booking. It should

be noted that the layout of the ship could considerably

restrict such passengers' movement around the vessel and

indeed preclude access to some of the ports of call, where

gangway conditions are not conducive or passengers are

conveyed ashore by tender. Passengers with mobility

limitations, or who suffer from blindness or deafness or

have other special needs, can only be accepted for travel


ABLE-BODIED COMPANION who will be responsible

for general care and assistance throughout the cruise. It is

anticipated that new European Maritime Passenger Rights

legislation, which is due to come into force in 2013, may

have implications on the above requirements and should this

be the case, passengers will be notified accordingly.


On Board Payments

All prices on board are quoted in Sterling and a cashless

system is in operation for all your on board purchases. An

account is opened for you at the start of your cruise and you

sign a debit when purchasing goods and services on board.

This is charged to your shipboard account and a final invoice

is presented at the end of the cruise itemising all charges.

This can be settled by Sterling Travellers' Cheques, which

incur a 3% transaction fee, or by American Express,

MasterCard or Visa credit cards, or by Maestro, Solo or Visa

debit cards, and of course, cash. It is not possible to use

personal cheques to settle on board accounts. The

Reception offers a facility to purchase small amounts of

certain foreign currencies for use in some of the ports of call.


Online Booking

For a quick and convenient way to make your cruise booking

aboard Marco Polo or Discovery, please book online at our site Our online booking service

offers you a choice of cabin numbers and an immediate

confirmation sent direct to your e-mail address. Once made,

you can also view and maintain or add additional infom1ation

through our Manage My Booking facility, described above.



A passport is essential for all cruises, including mini-cruises

and sailings around the British Isles and Republic of

Ireland and all British Citizens must hold a full ten year

passport. Many countries, including most of those visited

during the winter cruise programme, require visitors to hold

passports that have at least six months validity beyond the

return date of the cruise. It is the responsibility of holders of

non-British passports to check with the relevant consular

authorities of the countries to be visited to ascertain if there

any specific restrictions or requirements for their planned

itinerary. Any passenger arriving at the departure port without

a passport, or with the incorrect documentation, will not be

allowed to embark. Such circumstances are not covered by

insurance and no refund claims will be entertained.


Pullman Berths

A number of cabins can accommodate a third or fourth

passenger in upper pullman berths. Such berths are accessed

by a short ladder, which is stored in the cabin and when not

in use, the berths are folded back against the cabin wall.

Potential occupants of pullmans therefore need to be to

sufficiently fit and able to climb the ladder to reach their

berth. Please refer to the deck plans to ascertain which

cabins offer pullman berth capacity for additional occupants.


Quality Control

In order to maintain a high standard of customer service,

please be aware that telephone calls made to our Reservations

Department are recorded for monitoring and training



Refreshment Facilities

Complimentary tea and coffee is available from the relevant

refreshment station on each ship between the hours of 06.30

and 22 .00 each day. Outside of these times, you may

purchase hot drinks and a range of speciality coffees from

any of the ship's bars.


Restaurant & Table Reservations

Whilst breakfasts and lunches are generally se rved in the

restaurant on an open seating basis, two sittings with

allocated seating are operated for dinner in the evening. On

days at sea, these sittings are normally timed to commence

from 18.00hrs and 20.15hrs and these timings may vary

during port days. You should state any preferences for a

particular dinner sitting and/or table size at the time of

booking. Please note that requests for specific dining

sittings and/or table sizes will be treated strictly on a 'first

come, first served' basis and will be subject to availability.

Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate preferences,

no guarantee or confirmations can be given.


Safety on Board

Shortly before the ship sails, or if this is not possible within

24 hours of departure, a full safety drill will be held and this

compulsory exercise will give passengers precise information

of what to do and where to muster in the event of an

emergency on board as well as important instructions about

life jackets and the emergency procedures in place. In the

event of adverse weather or sea conditions it is important to

take extra care moving around the ship, making use of the

handrails and heeding any special instructions given over the

P.A. system. In certain sea conditions, use of the passenger

lifts may be suspended for the duration and outside cabins on

the lower decks may have protective covers, known as

deadlights, placed over their portholes. These covers will

therefore exclude natural light from the cabins affected.

Such restrictions will be lifted as soon as it is practicable.



For your complete security and peace of mind, there are

stringent security measures in force, particularly at UK ports.

All cabin baggage will be electronically screened, hand

baggage may be examined and you will be required to pass

through an X-Ray arch prior to boarding the vessel. At

embarkation you will be issued with a personalised ID card

which is used for gangway control purposes and validates you

as a bona-fide passenger.


Shore Excursions

An attractive programme of optional excursions is offered at

each of our ports of call. At the time of going to print, the

exact content and pricing of the programme has not been

finalised, but you will be sent full details and a booking form

with your pre-sailing informa tion around eight weeks prior to

sailing. We operate a pre-reservation service and, availability

permitting; you will also be able to book on board with our

Shore Excursion staff who will be pleased to assist you in

selecting the excursions most suitable for your requirements.

Full details will be advised with the pre-sailing information.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is no longer permitted inside our ships. Consequently,

all internal areas, comprising cabins, lounges, restaurants and

other public rooms are non-smoking areas. Designated areas

for smokers are available externally in selected areas of the

open decks. We reserve the right to alter our smoking policy

during the cruising season and should new national or

international maritime legislation subsequently affect this

policy, passengers will be informed on board accordingly.


Special Diets

If you, or a member of your party, have a particular dietary

requirement, we are able to offer the following dietary

options: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Low Cholesterol, Low

Fat, Low Salt and Vegetarian Meals. If you have not done

so at the time of booking, please advise any requirements no

later than two weeks prior to departure.


Technical Calls

A technical call, as highlighted by the * in the itinerary, is

a short duration visit to a port which is made for a specific

purpose only. Such reasons for scheduling a technical call

include the taking on of fres h water or fuel oil or embarking

or disembarking participants of an organised shore excursion

which commences at one port and rejoins the vessel at

another. It is not possible for independent passengers to go

ashore during these brief technical calls.


Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking that all passengers hold an

adequate travel insurance policy that provides cover for the

entire duration of the cruise. This is particularly relevant to

longer sailings such as cruise P303 sailing on 3rd January

2013 and P404 sailing on 5th January 2014 to the Amazon,

West Indies & Azores. South Quay Travel & Leisure Ltd is

able to offer a comprehensive travel insurance policy to

passengers that are booked directly with them and details are

shown on page 63. If you are booked through a travel agent

or a tour operator, or opt not to purchase this insurance, you

must give details of the alternative cover that you have in

place, including the name of your insurer, policy number and

most importantly the telephone number of the insurer's

Emergency Assistance service. You may be refused boarding

if you are unable to provide this information.



Aboard Marco Polo and Discovery, each cabin has the facility

of a personal safe for your valuables and important papers.

The Company is not responsible for any theft or loss of any

items not kept in the safety boxes. The Company does not

accept responsibility for loss or theft of cameras, video

cameras, chargers and other valuable electrical items which

are your responsibility at all times.



At the time of printing, no individual visas are required to be

obtained in advance for any of the cruises listed in this

brochure by British nationals who hold a passport that show

that they are a 'British Citizen'. Certain other nationalities

however may require a Schengen Visa, which covers travel

within the fifteen European and Scandinavian member

states, to enable them to visit some of our ports of call.

Therefore holders of passports, other than British, must

check with the relevant consular authorities of the countries

to be visited to ascertain if there are any specific restrictions

or visa requirements for their planned itinerary. It is a

passenger's own responsibility to ensure that they hold the

correct documentation to visit the countries shown on their

chosen itinerary. Passengers sailing on cruises calling at

Russian ports, at the time of writing, will not be required to

obtain individual Russian visas if they only go ashore as

participants in the official shore excursion programme. If

however passengers prefer to make independent arrangements

for their time in Russia, a chargeable individual visa, issued

in advance by the Consular Authorities in the UK, will be

required. Details will be included with the pre-sailing

information for these cruises.


Due to the stringent security measures in force, it is regretted

that it is not possible to allow visitors on board Marco Polo or

Discovery during their calls to UK ports.

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