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Fly-cruise bookings 
All flights are on a request basis and we will confirm the flight details within 48 hours. Flights may be indirect, scheduled, charter or with a low-cost airline. If we are not able to offer flights from your chosen airport or on your chosen dates we will try to offer the best alternative available.

1. Applicable Rules and Regulations
1.1 The Holiday Contract is made with Costa Cruises (UK) Limited (the “Company”). Cruises are operated by Costa Crociere SpA (the “Cruise Operator”).

1.2 This Contract for the sale of a package holiday including carriage by sea on a cruise vessel is governed by these terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) and by all other terms contained in the Company’s brochures, leaflets and other documentation supplied by the Company to the Passenger.

1.3 The Contract is also subject (where applicable) to the provisions of the Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulations 1992 (the “1992 Regulations”) and/or national and international laws that govern the individual services making up the Holiday.

1.4 The individual clauses forming the Conditions are independent of each other; the invalidity in whole or in part of any individual clause or paragraph shall not invalidate the Conditions as a whole or any other individual clause.

2. The Booking
2.1 To request a booking the Passenger must complete every section of, and sign, the booking form or follow the online booking procedure.

2.2 Holidays sold via Internet ("on line") are offered for sale in and the Holiday Contract is concluded at our offices London, England.

2.3 Acceptance of the booking is subject to availability and no Contract is formed until the Company issues a confirmation invoice following receipt of the Deposit referred to in clause 3.1 below.

2.4 The Company at its absolute discretion publishes special offers and discounts which will be subject to time limits, availability and restrictions. 2.5 A travel agency acts as the agent of the passenger and the Company, and may give the passenger a copy of the contract only once it has received a confirmation invoice from the Company, as referred to in 2.3.

2.6 A Passenger making a booking on behalf of other members of his/her party guarantees that he/she has authority to make the booking on behalf of all of the Passengers listed in the booking and that they will comply with the Conditions.

2.7 The Company does not accept bookings from minors. Subject to clause 2.6 above, bookings for minors must be made by their legal guardians and shall be accepted only if the minor travels with at least one of his/her parents or another adult person who undertakes all responsibility for the minor.

2.8 Since the cruise vessels on which Holidays are offered are not equipped for assistance during pregnancy or childbirth, bookings cannot be accepted from Passengers who, at the scheduled date of departure, have entered the 29th week of pregnancy.

2.9 Infants under the age of 6 months at the time of boarding are not allowed on board. This lower age limit is raised to 12 months for cruises lasting 15 days or more.

2.10 The vessels have a limited number of cabins equipped for disabled persons. Not all areas of or equipment on the vessels are accessible to disabled persons and/or specifically equipped to offer disabled access. Therefore, all bookings for disabled persons are subject to the availability of suitable accommodation and, if appropriate, subject to the presence of an attendant/companion who is able to assist the disabled person. The Company accepts no obligation to arrange alternative activities on board or on land for disabled Passengers, or any responsibility for the partial or total inability of any disabled Passenger to take advantage of advertised services or activities during the Holiday.

2.11 At the time of booking, every Passenger is obliged to inform the Company of all illnesses or physical or mental incapacities, which may require special care or assistance. No booking can be accepted for Passengers whose physical or mental conditions would render their participation in the cruise impossible or dangerous for the individual concerned or for others, or which require methods of care or assistance that are impossible or impracticable to provide on board the vessel.

2.12 Details of the Holiday that are not contained in the Confirmation Invoice, brochure, on Cruise Operator’s website or in other means of communication, shall be provided by the Company to the Passenger, in good time before the start of the Holiday.

2.13 The Company reserves the right to offer alternative or supplemental terms to these Conditions for special types of contract (for example, groups or incentive tours). The particular terms agreed in each individual case will apply to the contract concluded in addition to or in place of these Conditions.

3. Payment
3.1 Payment for non-web booking
A deposit of £100 per person must be paid at the time of booking. The balance must then be paid at least 56 days before departure. For bookings made less than 56 days before departure the total Holiday Price must be paid at the time of booking in a single payment.Non-payment of the balance of Holiday Price amounts to a breach of the Contract and entitles the Company to terminate the Contract, to apply cancellation charges and to seek compensation for any further losses incurred.
The cruise ticket is a legal document and permits access on board the vessel. The cruise ticket will be delivered to the Passenger after payment of the full Holiday Price.

Any money paid by the Passenger to an agent of the Company is at all times held on behalf of the Company and is protected in accordance with paragraph 22. If payment is not received by the agent or the Company by the due date, the Company may cancel the booking.

3.2 Payment for web bookings
For all bookings made online via Costa’s website full or instalments payment is due via credit card or debit card at the time of reservation. Costa Cruises accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment for your cruise.
Instalments can be paid only if the cruise holiday is purchased 70 days before departure date. First instalment, which is not refundable, must be 20% of the booking gross total, second instalment must be paid within 70 days before ship departure date.
Non-payment of the balance of the aforesaid payments on the established dates constitutes a breach that is the subject of the express resolution clause of the contract, such as to cause the legal resolution of the same, subject to the payment of compensation for any further damages suffered by the Organiser.
The transportation ticket, which constitutes the legitimising document for access on board the ship, shall be delivered to the passenger after payment of the total balance of the price.

4. Prices
4.1 The Holiday Price includes the services and facilities set out in the cruise pages. Flights and transfers are only included if a Fly + Cruise Add On is included in the Holiday Contract. An additional compulsory per person service charge (the "Service Charge") is payable on board at the end of your Cruise Holiday. No further service charges are payable to staff.

4.2 For each cruise there will be a limited number of cabins available for sale at the ProntoPrice. When these cabins have been booked, remaining cabins may be put on sale at prices higher than the ProntoPrice. The applicable price will be advised at the time the booking enquiry is made. Except where paragraph 4.3 applies the Holiday Price will not exceed the "Full Fare".

4.3 The Full Fare may be modified until 30 days before the scheduled date of departure as a result of increases in (i) the cost of air transport, (ii) the cost of marine fuel, (iii) duties and taxes on services included in the Holiday (for example, embarkation, disembarkation or landing taxes at ports or airports) since the first publication. The variation in the Holiday Price shall be equal in (i) above to the entire additional cost of the transport charged to the Company by the air carrier, and in (ii) above to 0.33% of the price of the cruise portion of the Holiday for every dollar increase in the price of oil per barrel (Nymex), and in (iii) above to the entire amount of the increase in the duties and taxes. The Company will absorb an amount up to a total of 2% increase in the Holiday Price.

4.4 Prices are charged per person. A single person supplement shall be payable, if following withdrawal or cancellation by other occupants, the Passenger is left as the sole occupant of a cabin.

5. Alterations
5.1 If, before departure, the Company is constrained to make any significant alteration to an essential element of the Holiday, including the price, the Company will notify the Passenger immediately. The following are significant alterations: an increase in the price of more than 10% and any alteration of elements that are fundamental to the enjoyment of the Holiday when considered as a whole. In relation to this clause 5.1 and clause 5.3 the following are not considered as significant alterations: (i) change of airline carriers, flight timetables and itineraries, provided the departure and arrival dates remain unchanged and the Passenger may embark and disembark the vessel as scheduled; (ii) the substitution of the vessel as referred to in clause 5.4; (iii) the modification of the itinerary of the cruise as referred to in clause 5.5; (iv) a change of cabin as referred to in clause 12; (v) a change in hotel accommodation, providing that the hotel is in the same category; (vi) changes to the programme of shows and other forms of entertainment on board the vessel.

5.2 A Passenger who is advised of a price increase of more than 10% may withdraw from the Contract and receive a full refund (excluding insurance premiums), or accept the alteration, and its affect (if any) on the Holiday Price. The Passenger must inform the Company of his/her decision in writing (if necessary through the travel agent) within 2 working days of notification of the alteration failing which the alteration shall be deemed to have been accepted.

5.3 If, after departure, and for reasons other than the Passenger’s own fault, the Company cannot supply a significant proportion of the services envisaged in the Contract, the Company shall make suitable alternative arrangements, compatible with the technical requirements and safe navigation, at no extra cost to the Passenger. If the services supplied are of a considerably lower value than those contracted for, the Company shall refund the difference in value to the Passenger. If no alternative arrangements are possible, or if the Passenger rejects the arrangements made by the Company for good reason, the Company will where appropriate provide, equivalent transport to the departure point, or to another place that may be agreed upon at no extra cost to the Passenger. The Company shall refund the Passenger the value of the services not supplied less expenses sustained by the Company.

5.4 If it is necessary for technical, operative or other good reason, the Cruise Operator may substitute the vessel with another with similar characteristics. The exercise of this right is not a significant alteration as referred to in this clause.

5.5 The Cruise Operator, and, on behalf of the same, the Captain of the vessel, may also modify the itinerary of the cruise for reasons of force majeure, or for reasons of the safety of the vessel or of navigation. The exercise of this right is not a significant alteration as referred to in this clause.

5.6 The Passenger can request alterations to the package after it has been confirmed up to 56 days before departure, subject to an administration charge of £40 per Passenger and any additional costs charged to or incurred by the Company as a result of the alteration by the Passenger (i.e. airline ticketing fees). Alterations requested within 56 days of departure will incur cancellation charges

6. Cancellation by the Passenger
6.1 The Passenger may withdraw from the Contract without penalty if s/he is notified of a significant alteration of an essential term, as referred to in clause 5.1 above. In such circumstances, if s/he withdraws, s/he may either take another package of the same or higher value (but at no extra cost) or to receive a refund of sums already paid (less insurance premiums). If the Company is only able to offer a Holiday of lower value the Passenger may chose to take this and receive a refund of the difference in value.

6.2 A Passenger who withdraws from the Contract for reasons other than those set out in clause 6.1 above must notify the Company in writing at 5 Gainsford Street, London SE1 2NE or by fax on 020 7940 5378. The Passenger ticket must also be returned. Cancellation will be deemed to be effective on the date of receipt of the fax or postal communication – whichever is the earlier. The Passenger will be liable to pay the sums indicated below:

If the cancellation is notified to the Company
more than 56 days £100 per person loss of before departure: non-refundable deposit
55 to 46 days before departure 10% of the Holiday Price or loss of deposit whichever is the greater
45 to 16 days before departure 25% of the Holiday Price
15 to 11 days before departure 50% of the Holiday Price
10 to 2 days before departure 75% of the Holiday Price
on the day before departure 100% of the Holiday Price
on the day of departure 100% of the Holiday Price

Any additional cancellation costs charged to or incurred by the Company as a result of the Passenger withdrawing from the contract (e.g.i.e. airline cancellation penalties detailed in 16.7) will be payable in full by the Passenger. A Passenger who cancels on the departure date or who does not turn up in time for departure or who abandons the journey after it has started for any reason whatsoever has no right to any refund and must pay the entire Holiday Price.

6.3 If the Passenger’s insurance covers cancellation, the Passenger must advise his/her insurer of the cancellation at the same time as notifying the Company. The amounts due under clause 6.2 above shall remain payable to the Company notwithstanding that they may not be recovered in full from insurers.

7. Substitutions
7.1 A Passenger who is prevented from proceeding with his/her Holiday may substitute another person, provided that: a) the Passenger notifies the Company in writing of the details of the substitute more than 5 working days before the date of departure; b) there is no reason relating to passports, visas, health certificates, hotel accommodation, transport services or any other reason which would prevent the substitute from taking the Holiday on the same terms as the Passenger; and c) the substitute pays the Company any reasonable expenses related to the substitution including £40 per Passenger administration charge and any additional costs charged to or incurred by the Company as a result of the Passenger substitution (i.e. airline ticketing fees).

7.2 The Passenger shall also be responsible jointly with the substitute for the balance of the Holiday Price, and also for payment of any expenses as referred to in clause 7.1 (c) above.

7.3 The cruise ticket is transferable only if the conditions set out in Clause 7.1 and 7.2 above are complied with.

7.4 The Company accepts no liability for refusal of any suppliers of services included in the Holiday to accept a substitution even if it complies with clause 7.1. The Company will however promptly advise the Passenger of this.

7.5 The Company will regard a request for substitution in circumstances other than those referred to in clause 7.1 above, or notification of substitution 5 days or less before the date of departure as a cancellation and a new booking by the Passenger/substitute. In such circumstances the withdrawing Passenger will be obliged to pay the cancellation charges set out in clause 6.2 above and the substitute will be liable to pay the full Holiday Price applicable at the date of booking/substitution.

8. Cancellation by the Company
8.1 If, before departure, the Company notifies the Passenger of cancellation of the Holiday for any reason whatsoever, the Company shall if possible (and unless the cancellation is due to the fault of the Passenger) offer the Passenger a replacement holiday. The Passenger shall have the right to choose either to take this replacement or to receive a refund as set out in the clauses below. The replacement holiday will be of equivalent value to that cancelled. If the Company is unable to offer a replacement holiday of equivalent value, the Passenger will receive a refund of the difference in value.

8.2 Except in situations beyond the Company’s control (force majeure) or upon failure to reach the minimum number of participants for the Holiday and where the Passenger cannot be offered or refuses a replacement holiday the Company will pay compensation on the following scale:
55 to 46 days before departure £10 per person
45 to 16 days before departure £20 per person
15 to 11 days before departure £30 per person
10 days or less before departure £40 per person

8.3. In situations of force majeure or upon failure to reach the minimum number of participants if the Company cannot offer the Passenger a replacement holiday or if that replacement is refused by the Passenger, the Company shall only be liable to refund any monies actually received from the Passenger (less any insurance premiums).

9. Passengers’ Duties
9.1 Each Passenger must have an individual passport and/or other document, valid for all the countries included in the itinerary, and also tourist and transit visas and health certificates that may be required. Further important information on travel documents can be found in the Useful Information page.

9.2 Passengers’ behaviour must not compromise the safety, peace and enjoyment of the cruise by the other Passengers. Passengers must act prudently and follow all instructions issued by the Cruise Operator and comply with any administrative or statutory regulations that apply during Holiday.

9.3 Passengers must not bring live animals, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or inflammable, toxic or dangerous substances on board any vessel, without the written consent of the Company.

9.4 Passengers shall be liable for any damage suffered by the Company and/or Cruise Operator and/or any supplier of any service that forms part of the Holiday as a result of the Passenger’s failure to comply with this clause 9. In particular, the Passenger shall be liable for all damage caused to the vessel or to its furnishings and equipment, for injury or loss to other Passengers and third parties, and also for all penalties, fines and expenses attributable by the Passenger that the Company, Cruise Operator or supplier may be liable to pay to the port, customs, health or other authorities of any country whatsoever.

9.5 The Passenger must provide the Company with all documents Passenger and information in his/her possession that may be needed by the Company to exercise a right of subrogation for the Passenger (as referred to in clause 13 below) towards third parties that may be liable for any loss suffered by the Passenger. The Passenger is liable to the Company for any prejudice to the right of subrogation caused by failure to comply fully with this clause.

9.6 Passengers must provide the Company with all information it requests to allow it or any suppliers of services that make up the Holiday to fulfil their obligations relating to security.

10. Powers of the Captain
10.1 The Captain of the vessel may navigate without a pilot, take on a tow and assist other vessels in any circumstances whatsoever, deviate from the ordinary route, enter any port (whether it is on the itinerary vessel or not), and transfer the Passenger and his/her belongings to another vessel for the continuance of the voyage.

10.2 For the safety of the ship and its navigation Passengers are subject to the disciplinary powers of the vessel’s Captain. If, in the Captain’s opinion, a Passenger is unable to continue the voyage or is a danger to the security, the health or the safety of the vessel, the crew or other passengers, or if his/her conduct is such as to compromise the enjoyment of the cruise by other passengers, the Captain may, as appropriate, a) refuse to allow the Passenger to board the vessel, b) disembark the Passenger at an intermediate port, c) refuse to allow the Passenger to go ashore at an intermediate port, d) refuse the Passenger access to certain areas of the vessel or participation in certain activities on board.

Air carriers or other suppliers of services may take similar steps (as set out in law or in the their conditions of carriage). The Company accepts no liability to the Passenger in such circumstances.10.3 The Company, Cruise Operator and the Captain of the vessel may carry out any order or instruction issued by or on behalf of any Government or State Authority or who may otherwise have the right to issue orders or instructions in relation to war risks insurance coverage of the vessel. All acts or omissions of the Company, Cruise Operator or the Captain in the execution or as a result of such orders or instructions, shall not be regarded as improper performance of the Holiday Contract. The disembarkation of passengers and luggage in accordance with such orders or instructions releases the Company from any responsibility whatsoever for the continuance of the voyage or for the repatriation of the Passengers.

11. Security and Liens
11.1 The Company may withhold and use as security the luggage or other belongings of the Passengers as credit for the payment of the Holiday Price or any sums incurred by the Passenger in relation to the Holiday. Should the Passenger fail to pay sums due for any reason whatsoever, the Company may sell the Passenger’s luggage and/or other property up to the amount due, if necessary by public auction, without the need for the permission of the court.

12. Accommodation on board or in hotels
12.1 The Company or Cruise Operator may provide the Passenger with an alternative cabin in place of the one originally assigned providing the substitute cabin is in the same category.

12.2 If hotel accommodation within the EU is offered as part of the Holiday the Company will adopt classification schemes used by the local public authorities. Otherwise, the Company will determine the grading of hotel accommodation offered according to its own quality standards.

13. The Company’s Duties
13.1 The Company shall be liable for any loss sustained by the Passenger by its failure in whole or in part to properly to perform the services included in the Holiday, whether these are provided by the Company itself or by third party services suppliers. Except as otherwise provided in the 1992 Regulations, the Company shall have no liability when the loss is i) caused by the fault of the Passenger (including independent activities undertaken by the Passenger during the Holiday); ii) attributable to any third party not connected with the supply of services which make up the Holiday, iii) resulting from an accident, force majeure, or from circumstances that the said Company could not, with all due care, reasonably foresee or forestall.

13.2 All exemptions, limits of liability and defences applicable to the Company, the Cruise Operator or any supplier of services under this Contract are also extended to all employees, servants and/or agents and any associated and/or affiliated companies or sub-contractors of any kind whatsoever, and also to its and their insurers.

13.3 The Company is not liable to the Passenger for the liabilities of any travel agent or other intermediary involved in the booking of the Holiday.

13.4 If the Company has paid sums by way of refunds or compensation to the Passenger, the Company is subrogated in the rights and actions of the Passenger towards responsible third parties.

14. Limitation of Liabilities
14.1 In no case shall the sums due by the Company be greater than the limits on compensation prescribed by national and international laws and rulings in force regarding performance relative to the non fulfilment of which the damage has been caused.

14.2 Package includes carriage by sea. The liability of the Company and the Sea Carrier shall be limited by the provisions of the Athens Convention which is expressly incorporated into this Contract. The Company shall be deemed to be the carrier under the Athens Convention which includes specific rules relating to the timescale for bringing claims and which limits the value of claims for death, personal injury and loss of or damage to luggage. The liability of the Company shall in any event be limited to the same extent as the Sea or Air Carrier under the Athens, Warsaw and/or Montreal Conventions. The Athens Convention makes special provision for valuables and the Convention presumes that luggage has been delivered undamaged unless written notice is given to the Company in the case of apparent damage, before or at the time of disembarkation or redelivery from the ship or in the event of damage which is not apparent or of loss of luggage, within 15 days from the date of disembarkation or redelivery or from the time when such redelivery should have taken place.

14.3 The Passenger agrees that neither the Company nor its servants or agents shall in any circumstances be under any liability whatsoever to the Passenger beyond that of the Air or Sea Carrier or its servants, agents or contractors for any loss, damage or delay arising directly or indirectly from any act, neglect or default on its or their part and/or while acting in the course of or in connection with its or their employment or agency and every exemption, limitation, condition and liberty herein contained and every right, exemption from liability, defence and immunity of whatsoever nature applicable to the Carrier or to which the Carrier is entitled will also be available and will extend to protect the Company and its servants or agents. For the purpose of all the foregoing provisions of this clause the Company is acting as principal or trustee on behalf of all persons who are his servants or agents.

15. Excursions
15.1 Excursions, even if advertised on are not included in the Holiday Contract. Excursions are subject to the local operators terms and conditions and any applicable national law.

15.2 The prices and itineraries of any excursions published are indicative only and are subject to variation. Timings and itineraries of excursions may be subject to changes as a result of external circumstances (such as, for example, weather conditions, strikes, transport delays, etc.) and the operational decisions of the excursion operator.

15.3 If an excursion is cancelled for technical reasons in circumstances of force majeure or where there is a failure to reach the minimum number of participants, the Cruise Operator will reimburse to the Passengers such funds as are made available by the local excursion operator.

15.4 Unless otherwise indicated, the excursions are not specifically equipped for the disabled.

15.5 For certain types of excursions special conditions, requirements or regulations may apply (e.g. the use of means of transport by the Passenger).

16. Air transport
16.1 Where air carriage is included in the Holiday Package, aA contract is created between the Passenger and air carrier by the issue of the air ticket or other document for air travel by the air carrier in the name of the Passenger and the acceptance of the same by of the Passenger.

16.2 The Company is not the air carrier. Contract and Any air transportation is undertaken exclusively by the specified air carrier (and/or its representatives). The Company is not therefore liable for any associated risks or responsibilities whether directly, indirectly or otherwise. Passengers’ rights are subject to the contract of carriage by air and applicable law Contract (the Montreal Convention of 28/5/1999, The Civil Aviation (Denied Boarding, Compensation and Assistance) Regulations 2005 (the “2005 Regulations”) and other applicable national laws (as substituted or amended from time to time), including in particular the right to compensation for death or injury and loss of or damage to luggage. The obligations under such laws and the Regulations are exclusively those of the air carrier and all claims relating to air transportation must therefore be made to the relevant air carrier.

16.3 If the Holiday Contract does not include flights, it is the Passenger’s responsibility to obtain a valid ticket direct from an air carrier suitable for and in time for travel to the vessel (and including local transfers which the Passenger must arrange). The Company shall not be responsible for any liabilities arising in respect of flights or transfers arranged by the Passenger.

16.4 The Company shall have no liability under the 2005 Regulations such liabilities being entirely those of the air carrier to whom the Passenger must address all claims. In exercising their rights under the 2005 Regulations the Passenger must seek to take as much of the Holiday as possible and must not prejudice the Company’s rights under these Conditions or in law.

16.5 Where air carriage is included in the Holiday Contract, The Company will advise Passengers of flight timings from data supplied by the air carrier as part of the holiday documentation. The flight schedule is for information only. The Passenger’s contract of carriage and the rights and obligations arising under it remain with the air carrier.

16.6 The use in the documentation referred to in clause 16.5 above of printed material, trademarks, logos or any other element whatsoever that refer to the Company or the Cruise Operator shall not modify and/or negate in whole or in part, the other provisions of this clause 16.

16.7 If the notification is received up to 32 days before departure, the Company will charge £40 for each change of name to documentation, including flight documents (whether charter or scheduled flights), For notification of name changes received within 31 days before departure the following penalties shall be applied, calculated only on the amount of the air fare:
31 to 16 days before departure 25% of the air fare
15 to 11 days before departure 50% of the air fare
10 to 6 days before departure 75% of the air fare
5 days or less before departure 100% of the air fare

17. Medical Treatment
17.1 The vessel’s doctor provides treatment to passengers as a self-employed professional and not as an employee of the Cruise Operator or the Company. Use of the doctor’s services is therefore at Passengers’ discretion and Passengers must pay any fees charged.

17.2 The opinion of the vessel’s doctor on the suitability of any Passenger to embark and/or to proceed with the cruise is final and binding.

18. Custody of valuables
A safe-deposit box service is available to Passengers on board the vessel; neither the Company nor the Cruise Operator accept any responsibility whatsoever for cash, documents, securities, jewellery and/or valuable objects that are not placed in custody in the said safe-deposit boxes. The Company’s and the Cruise Operator’s liability for valuables is regulated by the Athens Convention in any event.

19. Obligation of assistance
The Company’s obligation to assist Passengers is limited to the proper performance of the Holiday Contract and the obligations implied in law.~

20. Complaints and charges
The Passenger must notify the Company of a complaint concerning the improper or non-performance of the Holiday or s/he may forfeit their rights. The Complaint must be made in writing to the Company or its local representative either at the time the problem arises or, if this is not possible, within 28 days of the scheduled date of return. The Company will deal with all complaints promptly and in good faith and shall make all efforts, when possible, to achieve a prompt, fair and amicable resolution of the problem.

21. Insurance cover for cancellation, medical assistance and luggage
21.1 At the time of booking, Passengers may take out a policy of insurance recommended by the Company. Alternatively, the Passenger must advise the Company at the time of booking of details of a comprehensive policy of insurance entered into by the Passenger covering the same risks, and with equivalent conditions and limits of cover as that the policy recommended by Costa.

21.2 Any insurance policy entered into is made directly between the Passenger and the insurance company and all liabilities under the policy are entirely for the Passenger’s account


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