Love This Itinerary But Wish It Was With Your Favourite Cruise Line? The Answer Is This

Love This Itinerary But Wish It Was With Your Favourite Cruise Line? The Answer Is This

A cruise that’s fit for your bucket list might sometimes mean compromise (if one of the included tours isn’t in the exact city you wanted, for instance).

But- and we feel strongly about this- every person suits a different cruise line for a variety of unique reasons, so why should you have to compromise who you’re sailing with?

It isn’t fair that you’d have to miss out on the Grand Tour of China including panda bears and terracotta warriors, so we’ve got the itineraries spread out across six cruise lines.

You’re guaranteed to find the perfect match…

All Six Cruise Lines

Before you scroll down to the specifics of each cruise line’s tour, you should note that every itinerary below includes some of the same unmissable highlights:

-3 days in the capital Beijing

-12 day fully escorted tour of China

-Forbidden City

-Terracotta Warriors

-Giant Pandas

-Ancient Pingyao

Royal Caribbean

Spectrum of the Seas

This 19-night itinerary departs November 12th 2019 with seven nights full-board cruising onboard Spectrum of the Seas!


Royal Caribbean’s largest ship is known for granting cruising fans a world of discoveries, ranging from Sichuan Red, an authentic Sichuan feast with ocean views, to the SkyPad, a bungee trampolining experience.

The tour will blow your mind more than you ever thought possible with cultural wonders everywhere you turn.


You’ll walk the Great Wall of China, visit Xian (first in four of China’s four ancient temples), experience Shanghai (home to the world’s second tallest tower) and proceed to the Forbidden City.

Click here for every other detail of the itinerary with Royal Caribbean…

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Millennium 

This 27-night itinerary departs October 14th 2019 with 14 nights, 5* full-board cruising onboard Celebrity Millennium!


Celebrity’s 2,138-guest vessel is a firm favourite for sailing to Asia, with a unique array of ways to discover the world of cruising onboard; from the rooftop terrace showing open-air movies to Canyon Ranch Spa famous for rejuvenation.

Tick a UNESCO World Heritage Site straight off your list with this tour aswell as rare and famous sights hard to ever forget.


Head to South Korea’s Seoul to see four surrounding mountains known as the city’s guardians, revel in the Tang Dynasty Dancing Show and hit the neon landscapes of Tokyo for a futuristic whirlwind.

Click here for every other detail of the itinerary with Celebrity…

Princess Cruises

Sapphire Princess

This 29-night itinerary departs April 20th 2020 with 16 nights, full-board cruising onboard Sapphire Princess!


Princess’ vessel underwent a 2-week extensive refit this year, meaning every stateroom has been fitted with a luxury bed that was created by a sleep expert to ensure enhanced mattress support and king-size deluxe pillow available with feathers or anti-allergy microfibre!

Divulge into a whole lot of heritage and dramatic scenery with Sapphire Princess as you visit some of the world’s most sought-after destinations.


Descend upon Japan’s most friendly city, Kagoshima, for a crazy combination of sun and snow-like ash from its active volcano, drift along the Yangtze River for three days, and go to the extraordinary wonders of Singapore.

Click here for every detail of the itinerary with Princess…

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Quest

This 25-night itinerary departs September 22nd 2019 with 12 nights, 5* full-board luxury cruising onboard Azamara Quest!


Azamara Quest is just one of the line’s boutique hotels at sea service that goes beyond expectations and accommodation that is literally award-winning…

Explore a diverse collection of gems all over Asia in the form of grand history and phenomenal landscapes impossible to decline!


Gawk at the waterfall of Taiwan that is actually a beautiful golden shade, immerse yourself in the cultural spirit of Hong Kong through its temples and skyscrapers, and spend a day at Coron in the Philippines where only 51,803 people live!

Click here for every detail of the itinerary with Azamara…

Silversea Cruises

Silver Muse

This 26-night itinerary departs October 23rd 2019 with 14 nights, 6* ALL INCLUSIVE luxury cruising onboard Silver Muse!


Silversea’s newest flagship represents ultra-luxury at its finest, from the Panorama Lounge (the most peaceful retreat to watch the world go by from) to The Grill (the ship’s outdoor bar with cocktails accompanied by an ocean breeze)!

Get to know places you never knew you wanted to see, feel and experience aswell as those gems you’ve had on your list for too long.


We promise you’ll see South Korea in a whole new light with your visit to the Taejongdae in Busan, the rock-formation coastal park amongst a pine tree forest; don’t forget about your stop at the futuristic yet traditional architecture in Bangkok.

Click here for every detail of the itinerary with Silversea…

Cunard Cruises

Queen Mary 2

This 24-night itinerary departs March 19th 2020 with 11 nights, full board luxury onboard 5* Queen Mary 2!


Cunard’s largest vessel prides itself on the ultimate magnificent details from The Grill (the line’s most splendid, indulgent experience) to hosting the only dog kennels at sea…

You’ll be arriving in absolute luxury to the bustling Asian scene and your holiday photos will never have looked quite as breathtaking as this…


Japan’s city of Kobe will greet you with antique cable cars to check the mountain scenery from whilst Tian’anmen Square’s monuments will introduce you to China’s modern history and a tour of the Three Gorges Dam will bless you with one of the most dramatic sights in the world!

Click here for every other detail of this itinerary with Cunard


Is this your dream itinerary? Which cruise line would put the cherry on the cake? Is there one sight or city you just couldn’t go without experiencing? Leave us your comments!

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