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Royal Caribbean Trademarks Yet Another Feature In The Cruising World

Royal Caribbean Trademarks Yet Another Feature In The Cruising World

Royal Caribbean has just filed a trademark application for the stern design of its Oasis Class ships.

The trademark was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on September 24th 2018; it describes the unique design of an Oasis Class ship that includes the balcony staterooms, Ultimate Abyss and Royal Caribbean logo symbol.

The design has been described in a statement: “ consists of the stern section of a cruise ship having a set of stylish oblong-shaped balconies on the left and right sides of the stern section, a pair of ornamental slides extending from the rear section of an decorative fish head to cascade downward to a lower deck of the cruise ship…”

“…and a pair of tusk-like structures extending upward from the top of a lower deck of the cruise ship, to a mid-deck level of the stern section, each tusk-like structure includes a set of stylish curved vertical beams intersecting near the top portion of the tusk-like structures, and an ornamental crown and anchor symbol suspended between the pair of tusk-like structures.”

This is the second ship design element to be trademarked by Royal Caribbean in the past month as in early September, Royal Caribbean trademarked its smoke stack design.

The line also trademarked three ship names for its future fleet; Phenom of the Seas, Gallant of the Seas and Eon of the Seas.


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What do you think of Royal Caribbean’s choice to trademark its ship design? Do you think it’s only right it should stay unique to Royal or would you like to see it on another cruise line? Leave us your comments below…

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