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Why choose a river cruise?

Why choose a river cruise?

If you’re stuck deciding between a cruise holiday or a city break, we’ve got great news! You can have both by booking on a river cruise. A river cruise is quite different to its ocean cousin. However, offering a unique insight into the picturesque and captivating qualities of some of the world’s most iconic waterways, it provides its own version of exceptional experiences, luxury and relaxation, so we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time.

Below, we give the lowdown on why you should make a river cruise your next holiday.

A new place to explore almost every day

If you love sightseeing, exploring city streets, historic architecture and intriguing cultures, a river cruise provides a new opportunity almost every day. Whether you choose to explore the vibrant, heritage-filled cities of Europe or the compelling, ancient attractions and exotic, natural landscape of Southeast Asia, each stop-off along the way offers a new flavour of culture and spectacular scenery.

Many river cruises offer daily excursions, often included in the price. There are immersive guided experiences for those who like a little reassurance when exploring or, for the more adventurous, often independent tours are also provided.

Build in a mini-break

Many river cruises provide the option of a stopover at the start or end of your trip, giving you a bit more time to explore your surroundings or just enjoy some extra relaxation before heading home.

For example, a leading cruise company, Emerald Cruises, offers three days in Portugal as part of their River Douro holiday or three nights in Prague when sailing their Danube Delights cruise.

Dining delights

We know how important dining is on a cruise. Whether you’re seeking a new culinary experience or just want to enjoy the luxury of being catered for while you’re away, we’re sure that river cruises will satisfy your appetite.

On Emerald Cruises, meals are included in the price, and they take an innovative approach to make onboard dining a highlight of the day. Sourcing their ingredients locally, Emerald Cruises create menus inspired by the region through which you are travelling, enabling you to enjoy an all-encompassing local experience with their gastronomic flair.

Discover the wide variety of options

If you’re now sold on the idea of river cruising, you may be wondering where the best places are to go. With numerous rivers winding across the landscape and followed by river cruises, there are many possibilities. These are four of our European favourites:

The Danube River

Ticking off some of the most elegant and fascinating cities in Europe, the River Danube runs through a remarkable ten countries. Discover Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade, to name a few, all rich with historic architecture and culture and linked by charming scenery that makes sitting out on deck a delightful pastime.

The Rhine River

From the vibrant, historic city of Amsterdam, the Rhine River takes you on a trip filled with mystical folklore, romantic architecture and lush vineyards. Sailing through the Black Forest in Germany, you’ll spot castles, forts and ruins -inspiration for the infamous tales of the Brothers Grimm.

The Douro River

To explore the warmth and beauty of the Mediterranean, a cruise on the Douro is an excellent option. From the charmingly colourful and laid-back city of Porto, the Douro navigates picture-postcard rural countryside, where vineyards stretch out from the river banks, and historic landmarks and peaceful hilltop villages dot the landscape.

The Rhône River

With world-famous French vineyards, beautifully-preserved historic architecture and a verdant green rolling landscape, the Rhône Valley is an enchanting region of France that makes for the most magical holiday.

To find out more about river cruises or book your next trip, please get in touch with our cruise specialists.

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