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Azamara Quest - Introduction

The Azamara Quest has the ambience of an old world country club with stunning interiors, spacious public rooms and an outdoor swimming pool to enjoy. Azamara Quest is the sister ship of Azamara Journey and features similar amenities across three decks, you'll find a library, hot tubs, aqua spa, jogging track and two restaurants all with fantastic cuisine to enjoy; including a steak house and speciality of Mediterranean cuisine.

Founded in 2007, Azamara is a subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Cruises. It was established to provide a high-end alternative to cruises, something very different from the mainstream experience that most people think of when it comes to this sort of holiday.

This exclusive ship typically spends its time in Europe and Asia. During the summer months, it sets sail on tours of the Mediterranean, with popular ports of call including Athens, Corfu, Dubrovnik and Venice. In the winter, the vessel navigates the Suez Canal and then travels around India, Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

Ship stats and features

Passenger capacity: 777
Year entered service: 2000
Beam (ship width): 83.3 feet
Draught (ship depth): 19 feet
Length: 591.8 feet
Tonnage: 30,277
Crew: 306
Maximum speed: 18 knots
Number of passenger decks: 9
Number of lifts: 4
Number of swimming pools: 1
Number of cabins: 358