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China VS Japan: The Impossible Destination Dilemma Finally Conquered!

China VS Japan: The Impossible Destination Dilemma Finally Conquered!

Why should you ever have to choose between China and Japan? Both are legendary in their own right, in both history and beauty.

The neon-lit streets of Japan will scream modernism yet the cherry blossom trees will have you stuck in an unmatched, awe-inspiring moment.

Your first step onto the Great Wall of China will have you feeling like you’re a part of history, but the record-breaking bullet train will send you into a literal whirlwind.

Here is our China VS Japan itinerary where it’s all been done for you!

We’ve solved the ultimate dilemma by combining and comparing the two; you simply don’t have to choose…

Pandas VS Snow Monkeys

China’s national treasure is the endangered species, the Giant Pandas, and would you believe there are 50 panda reserves in China protecting around 45% of their habitat!


You’ll find them safe in their own habitat in Chengdu with an environment that feels fairly far from a zoo. The cool, wet bamboo forest is perfect for the pandas where they make their own dens out of hollowed-out logs.

The equivalent of Giant Pandas for Japan is Japanese Macaque, otherwise known as the snow monkeys! Also found in their natural environment, you can see them up close once and for all…


The Snow Monkey Park is where you’ll see how they truly act on a daily basis; they’re the only troop to bathe in onsens (the Japanese natural hot springs).

This unique behaviour is one you’ll witness and never forget!

Terracotta Warriors VS Robot Cabaret

If there’s one quote to remember as you plan your day in China, it’s this: “No one who has not seen these terracotta figures can claim to have visited China.”


The Terracotta Army were the afterlife guards of China’s first emperor following his death! A must for your bucket list as these 2,000 warriors were discovered after they’d been underground for 2,200 years!

This next one is, yes, very unique and utterly unforgettable. The robot cabaret in Tokyo is an electric hour-long show of glittery girls dancing with giant pandas, ninjas, robots, dinosaurs…


Head to the red-light district of Kabukicho for the completely bonkers evening where neon tanks will battle Godzilla with a backdrop of video screens and a soundtrack of techno music.

Don’t forget the taiko drums and don’t worry- there’ll be plenty of food and alcohol to accompany your night at the restaurant!

Buddhists VS Shintos & Samurais

Buddhism is China’s oldest foreign religion and is traditionally the art, taught by Buddha, of reaching enlightenment through meditation.


In modern China, the “happy Buddha” is most commonly seen with it being depicted as “fat and laughing or smiling”, tying in with China’s main goal to “be happy”!

However the soul of Japan is represented by the samurai and to lay eyes upon the Japanese katana is allegedly to feel the spirit of the way of the warrior…


The traditional religion here is known as Shinto where the rituals are focused on establishing a connection between present-day Japan and ancient Japan…

The purpose of most rituals is to keep away evil spirits as it is an optimistic faith where there are no rights or wrongs; everybody is believed to be perfect!

Would you ever be able to choose between China and Japan? Would you consider booking both off your bucket list in one trip? If you’re tempted, you’re one click away for seeing how you can conquer both at once! Leave us your thoughts below!

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