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Vietnam In A Nutshell: Five Of The Country’s Game-Changers

Vietnam In A Nutshell: Five Of The Country’s Game-Changers

It may well be on your bucket list. It could be somewhere you visit frequently. It could even be the one place that fills you with a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty.

Either way, Vietnam is an unforgettable phenomenon with both natural beauty and electric city vibes.

Without going through every corner of the Southeast Asian country, here it is in a nutshell with five of the game-changing gems you have to make a part of your travelling life…

Halong Bay

UNESCO World Heritage Sites just explain themselves, don’t they? And as Halong Bay has been listed as one since 1994, we’re sure you want to get there even without our reasoning.


But we do just have to give you a heads up; boarding a boat is the only way to truly explore the emerald waters as you float past its 1,600 scattered islands.


Whilst its panoramic views are second to none, don’t miss out on the fun side to Halong Bay with options of squid fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, cycling and trekking!

Ho Chi Minh

Quite the opposite of Halong Bay as this Vietnamese city carries something far from a relaxed pace.

The chaotic vibes will have you in a whirl as you move along the bustling streets (and just wait until you try and cross a road with what feels like a million motorbikes…)


Yes, the city is electric! There is much to be appreciated, starting with Air 360 Sky Lounge and its dreamy views for open air drinking.

And if you arrive craving culture, you can expect to visit the War Remnants Museum along with 500,000 others that pay their respects every year.



One for the history lovers; you’ll be tasting culture for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The city (pronounced ‘Hway’) is the capital of the Nguyen emperors and its Forbidden Purple City is a must to witness imperial palaces and Minh Mang’s tomb!


If you really want to get in the swing of things, try dining in traditional Vietnamese Royal clothes accompanied by traditional music. There’s nothing like walking in the local’s shoes (literally).



Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, presents to you the Old Quarter with its history of 2,000 years! Its famous 36 streets are all named after the products they sold from their shops.

The Quintessence of Tonkin Show is one you seriously need to note down and refuse to forget about until you’ve witnessed it…


The outdoor show will prove to you Hanoi’s place as the cultural capital of the country and it will come in the form of stunning water puppetry, a memorable soundtrack, an uplifting light show and talented performers!


Hoi An

A quaint, riverside town- Hoi An is UNESCO listed and it’ll prove to you why with its grand architecture and its treasures of history.

Take a walking tour through the city to drag every ounce of goodness from the city!


With no airport or train station, your only choice to arrive here is by road so make it worthwhile and pop into one of the famous, local tailors to take some personalized clothing away with you…



What do you think of Vietnam’s five game-changers? Is there something else you think should be on the list? Leave us your comments below!

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