How To Spend 3 Hours In Destinations Around The World

How To Spend 3 Hours In Destinations Around The World

Sometimes when you’re on your cruise you’ll only get a few precious hours in port, and there’s nothing worse than spending all those short moments looking for something to do. It’s scary how quickly the time flies because before you know it *poof* it’s time to get back on your ship.

So how should you actually spend your few hours in port? Well, we’ve hunted down all the best places that we think you’d love to visit if you only have a few hours to spare!

Read on to find out where you can taste the best macaron in Paris and see the most photographed hotel in the entire world…

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, roam

It may sound overly clichéd but the best thing to do in Rome is well, roam. The ultimate way to appreciate the incredible city is to walk through the narrow streets, taking in the beautiful baroque architecture. For the most scenic stroll the Piazza Navona is where it’s at. It’s considered to be one of the most idyllic streets in Rome and you’ll find delicious restaurants and the tastiest gelato you’ll ever encounter. Can we go please?

Did you know? Located in the square is Pasquino, the talking statue. It got its name as it was where the Romans used to go to leave critical comments, usually about the pope or the government…

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3 hours in Rome at Piazza Navona

Havana, Cuba

Salsa Dance Your Time Away

Havana is considered to be the hottest salsa destination on the planet, and once you visit there you’ll see why. Hop on down to Havana and dance your time away with the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. If you’re wondering where to go you needn’t wonder long because on every corner, there’s music. You’ll see dancers on every street and salsa clubs on every turn, not to mention the best rum you’ll ever sample.

Click here to find out what it’s like to tackle Cuba from a real cruisers perspective! 

Did you know? Salsa originated in Cuba around the 1920’s and took inspiration from the Cuban Son style. Over the years it’s grown massively and has aspects of different styles including mambo and Guaguanco!

Spend 3 hours in Havana Cuba salsa dance

Sydney, Australia

Go To The White Rabbit Gallery

From the name it’s safe to assume that it’s something to do with Alice in Wonderland, right? Wrong! The gallery is actually home to the greatest collection of contemporary Chinese art you’ll ever find. It’s free to enter and there’s a tea room downstairs offering an amazing selection of Chinese and Taiwanese teas, and with free refills too! It’s the perfect place to chill out and relax with friends or spend a few moments to recollect your thoughts.

Did you know? The first cup of tea was created by accident by Chinese ruler Shen Nong around 5000 years ago. According to legend he was resting beneath a Camellia tree when some leaves fell down into his cup of hot water and he was intrigued by the smell so he took a sip! 

spend 3 hours at the white rabbit gallery in Sydney

New York, USA

See The View From The Top Of The Rock

Where it’s impossible to cram all the best bits of New York into a few hours, the view from the Top of the Rock is something you simply have to see. You’ll be rewarded with the best views in New York and with queues half the size of the empire state building (it’s much better too because you can actually see The Empire State Building!) You may still want to pre-book tickets if you only have a few hours though, it can get pretty busy!

Did you know? The observation deck was originally designed to resemble a 1930’s ocean liner, it was even complete with deck chairs! 

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spend 3 hours at the top of the rock in New York

Paris, France

Have The Best Macaron Ever

When you’re in Paris you HAVE to enjoy a real Macaron, and where would you find the best we hear you ask? At Gerard Mulot of course! He promises the most well balanced Macaron you’ll ever have, and everyone who tastes one agrees. His shop is extremely popular with the locals and is a feast for all your senses with the colourful displays of macarons of every shade and flavour, and the freshly baked patisseries that’ll set your mouth watering.

Want to find out all about the cities best kept secrets? Click here to read our Paris guide!

Did you know? The most sold cake or sweet in Paris are Macarons and once you try one you’ll soon see why! 

spend 3 hours in gerard mulot macarons

Bruges, Belgium

Sample The Finest Chocolates

If we think of Belgium we think of one thing, CHOCOLATE. So what better thing to do when you’re visiting Belgium than to sample some of the finest chocolate in the world? We suggest a visit to De Proeverie for the most masterful chocolate creations you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. The handmade chocolates sold in the café are crafted in their workshop across the street and then consumed by countless happy customers. For a real treat try their hot chocolate, we promise you won’t have tasted anything like it.

Click here to read about what else there is to do in Bruges.

Did you know? The first praline (a chocolate with a soft, creamy filling) was created in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus Jr!

spend 3 hours in De Proeverie in belgium

Quebec, Canada

See The Most Photographed Hotel In The World

If you don’t have long you should definitely spend a few hours in old Quebec. Wander down the picturesque streets and appreciate the French charm of the bilingual city, shop at quaint boutiques then take a break at a cute cafe. Whilst you’re there you should also visit the fairy-tale castle hotel, Chateau Frontenae. With its breath-taking views and gorgeous design, you’ll soon see why it’s the most photographed hotel in the entire world.

Did you know? The hotel dates back to 1893 and was originally built as a short stay hotel for railway travellers. However, over the years the hotel has been renovated numerous times and is now a top luxury resort! 

Chateau Frontenae in Quebec Canada

Juneau, Alaska

Take The Tram Up Mount Roberts

As soon as you get off your ship you’ll see a bright red tramway right by the docks, and we promise you won’t regret hopping on it. Take it all the way to the top of Mount Roberts and you’ll see some of the most glorious Alaskan scenery along the way. Once you get to the top dine at one of the many restaurants, pick up those all-important souvenirs and you can even see an American Bald Eagle! If you love the journey up so much, then you’re in luck because your ticket will allow you to go up and down the tramway as many times as you’d like!

Did you know? You can’t actually drive to Juneau, the highway only takes you so far and then from there you have to board a ferry to get to the town! 

Take the tram up mount roberts in Juneau Alaska

Barbados, Caribbean

Take Part In The Best Water Sports Imaginable

Water sports are a must when you’re visiting the Caribbean, with the palest sands and clearest waters you can ever imagine who can resist? Go diving in incredible coral reefs and see some of the most vibrant underwater scenery the world has to offer, swim with turtles, or see the island via kayak. Via the sea is the best way to see what the island has to offer and you’ll be talking about the adventures you had for years to come.

Did you know? It’s actually illegal to damage, sell or buy coral around the island due to The Marine Pollution Act, so be careful when you’re diving in the reefs!

swim with turtles in Barbados

Dublin, Ireland

Taste The Crispest Pint You’ll Ever Have

What’s one of the crowning glories of Ireland? Well Guinness of course! Visit The Guinness Storehouse and take part in a self-guided tour where you’ll learn all about the black beverage. There are three bars inside the storehouse, but we definitely recommend going all the way up to Gravity Bar on floor 7, where you can drink the smoothest pint you’ve ever had with 360 degree views of the city’s skyline. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Did you know? There’s an art to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, there’s a 6 step process and you can actually learn how to pour a real pint at the Guinness Academy located in the storehouse! 

Have a real pint of Guinness in dublin ireland

That’s how we think you should spend a few hours in destinations around the world! What do you think? Do you think you’ll visit any of these places? Or is there somewhere else you’d rather spend your time? Let us know in the comments!

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