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15 Of The World’s Best Secret Beaches

15 Of The World’s Best Secret Beaches

When you’re on holiday there’s nothing worse than a tourist packed beach. You know the ones that are so crowded that you have to fight your way past thousands of beach umbrellas and deck chairs for your own patch of sand to rest, then when you get there it’s too noisy and you just want to leave immediately!

The busiest beaches aren’t always the nicest. Granted there must be a reason they’re so crowded, but did you know sometimes if you’re willing to go that little bit further, you can find your own stretch of heaven?

Here at www.CRUISE.co.uk we’ve decided to divulge our favourite secret beaches, so keep reading if you want to find your perfect holiday escape…

Cies Islands, Galicia

If you’re after white sand beaches and crisp waters that’ll rival the Caribbean’s most popular beaches, visit the Cies Islands. The land and sea in the area are protected which has prevented development on the island, visitors are limited to 2,200 a day and there’s absolutely nothing in the area… Not even cars! It’s so beautiful the locals even refer to it as the Galician Seychelles.

secret beach Cies Islands, Galicia

Palm Beach, Barbuda

Palm Beach in Barbuda is most known for its sparkling white sands tinged with pink by the countless number of seashells that have washed up onto shore. You can only get here by boat, so when you’re here it’s best to make a day of it. If it’s possible to get bored of the beach we suggest paying a visit to Frigate Bird Sanctuary, where it’s home to over 170 incredible species!

secret beach Palm Beach, Barbuda

Happy Bay, St. Martin

For your own Caribbean paradise, Happy Bay is the place to be. Take a 15-minute hike through underbrush and emerge onto a picturesque, untouched beach lined with coconut trees. You won’t find many people here due to its secluded location, but be warned, it has been known to be popular for the odd nudist because it’s so private!

secret beach Happy Bay, St. Martin

Lord Howe Island, Australia

This tiny little island is perfect if you’re seeking a holiday away from the hustle and bustle. Tourists are capped at just 400, and the preferred method of transportation is by bike. You’ll find several golden sand beaches here with the crispest water you can imagine. We hear it’s amazing for snorkelers!

secret beaches Lord Howe Island, Australia

Palagruza, Dalmatian Coast

Halfway between Croatia and Italy you’ll find this little slice of heaven. It’s completely uninhabited except for a lighthouse that only the keeper lives in! You can also stay there, but due to the fact there’s only two apartments in the lighthouse, you’ll likely be the only ones there! There’s two pebble beaches called Stara Vlaka and Veli Zal, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the entire beach to yourself. Sounds perfect right?

secret beach in Palagruza, Dalmatian Coast

Monsul, Andalusia

If you want something a little different from “just another white sand beach” visit Monsul, which is one of the many beaches in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park on the southern tip of Spain. This beach is incredibly interesting due to the giant sand dunes and incredible landscapes formed by volcanic rock. It’s unlike any beach you’ve ever seen before.

secret beaches Monsul, Andalusia

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Take an hour long speedboat from Krabi airport and head to Koh Lanta. Home to nine beaches surrounded by the turquoise Andaman sea, the island has nature reserves and beaches where you won’t see anyone. Not secret enough? The further south you go, the more secluded it gets!

worlds best secret beaches Koh Lanta, Thailand

Ile De Batz, Brittany Coast

Just off the Brittany Coast you’ll find a haven of small undisturbed pearly beaches. You’ll barely see anyone here as the island only has a hotel, campsite, a couple of shops and restaurants. There’s no cars in the area either, so your holiday will be more peaceful than you can imagine.

Ile De Batz, Brittany Coast

Cirali Beach, Turkey

You can thank the endangered loggerhead sea turtles for this unspoiled gem, because the amazing creatures that call this place home have kept it protected over the years. There’s no big hotels here, just small, quiet, family run guesthouses. It’ll feel like a home away from home!

secret beach Cirali Beach, Turkey

Salema, Algarve

Are you a budding palaeontologist? Then go to Salema, where you’ll find dinosaur footprints embedded in the limestone rock. How cool is that? For those after a peaceful retreat, the sea’s perfect for swimming and wind surfing, and you can take a walk and explore the secret coves and beaches!

secret beach Salema, Algarve

Lygaries, Skiathos

You’ll have to hire a 4×4 escort from the local town to get to this beach, but we promise it’s worth it. Once you’re there you’ll be able to appreciate a whole 200 yards of unspoiled crisp sand, and if you get thirsty there’s a single beach bar for those all-important cocktails whilst sunbathing.

secret beach Lygaries, Skiathos

Plaga de Saleccia, Corsica

This beach is perfect for those looking for ultimate seclusion. Why? Because you’d have to walk across a desert to get here (or take a boat). You’ll think it’s an oasis once you arrive because this stunning beach looks too good to be true.

secret beach Plaga de Saleccia, Corsica

Isola Bella, Italy

If you prefer your beaches a little more scenic then you should definitely visit Isola Bella in Italy. Catch a boat from Sicily and head over to the pebble beach that has an islet you can only get to by a strip of beach when the tide is down. Be careful not to get stuck there though!

secret beach Isola Bella, Italy

Polihale Beach, Kauai

Seven miles long and with all the sun you could possibly want, Polihale Beach sounds like it’d be a tourist haven, right? However, it’s only accessible by a dirt road from Princeville and Koloa, so it usually leaves this silvery stretch abandoned. If you’re a keen swimmer though we don’t recommend going here, the currents are much too strong!

secret beach Polihale Beach, Kauai

Praia de Ursa, Portugal

For the explorers out there, Praia de Ursa is just about perfect. Only a determined few can be bothered to make the effort to get to this beach, as you’ll have to scramble over rocks to get there! It’s not for those who prefer their beaches for sunbathing, but for an explorer seeking solitude, it’s heaven.

secret beach in Praia de Ursa, Portugal

Now we’ve told you our top 15 secret beaches! But what do you think? Will you make the extra effort next time you go away? Which beach is your favourite? Or do you know of your own secret beach you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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