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Top Nine Games to Play at Sea

Top Nine Games to Play at Sea

It goes without saying that when we’re on holiday we like to relax and enjoy ourselves, whether that involves sunbathing on deck, sitting in a hot tub or putting some change down on the spin of a roulette wheel. We love a good game when we’re trying to unwind and whether you’re a big kid or a little one there are plenty of activities to enjoy! So here is just a few of our favourite games to play at sea…


Two Story Gaming TV

Back in 2007 Norwegian Cruise Line partnered with Nintendo to bring the Wii to all of the NCL ships in atriums, youth centres and teen centres. Now you can find Nintendo’s Wii U, their latest HD video game console, aboard NCL ships fleetwide, but that’s not a good enough reason to get excited about it – NCL Epic’s giant screen to play Wii games is! The screen stretches from the floor to the 2nd floor ceiling, making sure everyone in the room has an unrivalled view of the action. As it turns out, Golf and Bowling are better to play when they’re giant.

ncl wii

Become an F1 Racer at Sea

Ever been in a car that can reach over 200mph? No? Well, we haven’t either – but we sure can dream! Luckily MSC makes dreaming just that little bit easier! The F1 Simulator puts you in the driver’s seat as you race around realistic tracks in an F1 car – you may not feel the wind in your hair but for many this is the closest to the real thing they’ll get!


Oasis of the Seas’ Casino Royale

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be like James Bond in a casino? A real high-roller? Well you’re in luck; one of the biggest ships at sea also has one of the biggest casinos – one reason why gamers are bound to love Casino Royale!  For the inexperienced Royal Caribbean offers gaming lessons at the beginning of the cruise, while the professionals have the option to ante-up and enter a Blackjack tournament – only a $5 limit! Grab a drink and play your cards right to win big at Casino Royale – remember, ask for your drink to be shaken, not stirred.


Magic Pool Table

It’s a fact that cruise ships are on the water, and as a result, sometimes the cruise ships might rock just a tiny bit. For most activities this is not a problem, but if you’re trying to play pool and the ship rocks you can just watch the game go down the hole – literally. Luckily through the power of science and what we assume is a dose of magic, self-levelling gyroscopic pool tables have made their way to sea. You can find these aboard select Royal Caribbean vessels – no matter how much the boat may rock the balls on the pool table will stay steady and on the level. Witchcraft? Possibly, but if it lets us play a game of pool uninterrupted we’re okay with it.


Hasbro, The Game Show

We love board games when with family and friends because dancing that line between friendly and competitive fills us with a relationship-ruining adrenaline that turns us into Monopoly tycoons – Hotels on every space. The only way board game night could turn into more of a fevered frenzy is if it were in the format of a TV game show – which is exactly what Carnival did. Hasbro, The Game Show turns traditional games like Connect 4 and Yahtzee and turns them into a super-sized game show experience, with giant Connect 4 Basketball and Yahtzee Bowling, complete with audience and irresistible prizes. It’s an experience that really has to be seen to be believed…


How mini does golf need to be to play at sea?

Great for those interested in a bit of fun, mini golf has always been a family favourite activity while on holiday, so it’s a good thing the cruise lines have it covered! Sure, it might not be a gyroscopic putting green, but those with mini golf skills won’t be bothered by it! Kids can join in as well as adults, so you can teach your little ones how to perfect their putting. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to drive biodegradable golf balls made from lobster shells into the ocean from deck!

If you’re like taking your golf a bit more seriously you don’t need to worry, lines like Princess cater to absolutely everyone with a range of facilities; whether you’re the type of golfer that perfectly sinks 18 holes every weekend or the type that refers to the clubs as “golf bats” you will still feel welcome and well catered to aboard Princess, as Princess’ fleet has two virtual golf simulators, outdoor cages, putting courses, an onboard pro to perform private and group lessons and even the latest Nike Golf equipment.


Quantum’s Online Gaming (teenagers pay attention!)

It is most certainly no secret that Royal Caribbean has a bit of an affinity for tech, so it makes sense that they decided Quantum of the Seas needed to be fitted with Microsoft’s latest gaming system, the Xbox One. The consoles will be connected to Quantum’s stellar new satellite internet so you can play games with people who are still at home while you’re sailing the Med! Mind you, it’s nothing you can’t do at home already – we don’t see this feature managing to rock the boat.


Knock Down a few Pins

You read that right – pins, not pints. We’re not actually sure “drinking games” count as games… All that aside, ever considered bowling at sea? Years ago Norwegian Cruise Line introduced the very first bowling alley at sea and since then you can find one aboard multiple ships across several cruise lines! If you still have your heart set on that drinking game idea you could order a round every time someone gets a strike – although we don’t recommend this for the kids…


Gambling for Mobile Gamers

Picture this; you’ve been cruising for a good few nights, but tonight you want to stay in and enjoy your cabin, order some room service, watch something with the other half – just the two of you. Perfect. Then suddenly, the strange urge to visit the casino arises – what do you do?! Well, on Carnival you don’t have to abandon your partner to watch The Notebook by themselves, you can instead whip out your smartphone and launch Carnival’s Mobile Casino. Just as thrilling as the real casino but you can keep watching The Notebook with your partner – oh joy…

Playing cards online from a cell phone

That’s our top nine games to play at sea – do you have a favourite that’s not mentioned above? If so, then let us know in the comments below!


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