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Cunard No Longer Require Passengers To Provide A Negative Covid-19 Test Certificate

Cunard No Longer Require Passengers To Provide A Negative Covid-19 Test Certificate

Cunard is another cruise line that has been reviewing its health protocols for Covid-19 as it continues to evolve across the world. Their most recent changes came into effect for departures from 24 July.

Here is the latest information released by Cunard:

All guests aged five years and over must take a Covid-19 antigen test and receive a negative result within two days of departure. Guests will no longer need to provide a test certificate, however, they will be asked to confirm the test has been taken and they have received a negative result as a part of their pre-boarding health declaration at the cruise terminal. Adequate tests include over-the-counter tests, providing they fall within Cunard’s list of accepted Covid-19 antigen tests. NHS tests will now only be issued for those in medical need. However, if guests have any remaining NHS tests, these would be accepted.

Testing requirements for guests embarking in USA and Canada remain the same.

They have also introduced the following three changes and updates from Saturday 18 July.

1. Unvaccinated guests aged five to 11 years will no longer be required to take a second Covid-19 antigen test upon arrival at the Southampton cruise terminal.

2. Guests who test positive for Covid-19 while on their holiday, will now have the option to isolate in their own stateroom rather than being moved to a dedicated quarantine zone. If a guest is sharing a stateroom with someone who has tested positive and is self-isolating in their room, they will be subject to testing but will not be required to self-isolate unless they also have tested positive.

3. They have removed the health advisory letter from their website as the current ‘preparing to sail’ page contains all the information the guests need to know about their embarkation requirements.

“Guests can rest assured that the protection of their health and well-being is, as always, very important to us and we continue to work with our experts and government bodies across all the destinations we visit to ensure all our practices evolve in line with the latest advice”

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