Popular cruise destinations

Popular cruise destinations

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Owing to the many advancements in safety and comfort, the popularity of cruise holidays has risen markedly in recent years, with figures showing that more and more people are opting to holiday in this relaxing way every year. And those who have recently travelled on a luxury liner will have no trouble understanding the unique appeal of this mode of transport.

 This point is emphasised by a recent report regarding the state of the industry, which revealed that the number of British and overseas passengers joining their cruise at a UK port rose by ten per cent, to 1.06 million, in 2013. And given that the technology that supports the industry is improving all the time, there is good reason to suspect that these numbers will continue to increase in the years ahead. 

These days, many of the newest and best cruise liners are more akin to hotels on water, with a whole host of amenities being included on-board to ensure that passengers are able to enjoy the sort of break that they will not forget in a hurry. Among the many features that are often included onboard a luxurious liner are things like gyms, spas and restaurants, among other things.

 But once you’ve decided that the option of travelling on a boat is the best choice for you, it is then a question of determining which destination is most appealing. Here, we’re going to take a brief look at some of the most popular cruise destinations and tell you a bit about what you can expect to see in each of these.

Australia and New Zealand

It was not until recently that New Zealand became popular as a cruise destination, as it was decided that more exotic places ought to be added to itineraries. New Zealand is, of course, a spectacularly beautiful country that has seen a spike in visitors in recent years, thanks to the success of the Lord of the Rings films, which were shot in this part of the world. Both Australia and New Zealand are home to some beautiful sights and you may also want to take advantage of their love of the party lifestyle.

The French Riviera

 There are few, if any, more charming holiday destinations in Europe than the French Riviera, which features a series of stunning places that are popular resorts in their own right. Along this part of the coast is where you will find places like Nice, Cannes and Monaco, which is among the most opulent destinations on earth – and certainly some of the most glamorous.

 What’s more, there is also little rainfall in this part of the world and, during the summer months, nothing can beat longing on one of the beaches here and taking in the sun rays. Take a good book with you and leave all your daily stresses behind you (if only for a few hours!).

Virgin Islands

 Now, the Virgin Islands may not be what immediately springs to mind when you think of a cruise holiday, but this is a top destination – and one that you definitely should consider. And although the islands are already hugely popular, they have, somehow, managed to retain a sense of being unspoilt. There can, in fact, be fewer more tranquil holiday destinations on the face of the earth.


 However, perhaps the best place to enjoy a cruise break is the spectacular Caribbean island of Barbados, which is so beautiful that you really have to see it in person in order to truly appreciate it. The white-sand beaches rank among the most beautiful anywhere and if the primary ambition of your vacation is to relax and unwind, Barbados is the place to head to.

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