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3 Phenomenons Every Cruiser Has Added To Their Bucket List This Week

3 Phenomenons Every Cruiser Has Added To Their Bucket List This Week

Cruising is famous for ticking things off your bucket list; from the utterly relaxing to the pure adrenaline-filled, it’s more than just a holiday.

Put aside your assumptions that bucket lists are written just for fun with no expectation that any activity or sight will get that tick next to it!

There are a ridiculous amount of cruises that will get you to the most sensational places, and this week travellers have just added three more achievable phenomenons…


3- Snow Hotel

Winter in Kirkenes

Let’s face it; winter wonderland is one magical place everybody counts down to the cold season for but why wait until the festive months?

bucket list

A real dreamy holiday is where the room you fall to sleep in is part of the fun- Norway’s Kirkenes hosts you twenty dreamlike rooms carved by master ice sculptors from around the world.

It’s the ultimate challenge with -4 temperatures and most definitely makes for one of the most unique honeymoons or adventurous family holidays.

Don’t worry, you’ll drift to sleep in thermal sleeping bags in complete arctic stillness for a night of accommodation you’ll be talking about for a while!


2- Tromso

Dog Sledding

No, this doesn’t just happen in the films- you can tick dog sledding with huskies and mushers off your bucket list!

Take a mini polar expedition across a snowy Arctic landscape on the island of Kvaløya, a half hour drive from Tromso where you’ll bundle up in thermals under the starry sky.

bucket list

The sledge ride will be lit up with headlamps during winter and you’ll warm up round a fire with a hot drink or your nights will be longer and milder in the spring.

The huskies will pull you over the frozen terrain for a six-kilometre long trail and utterly incredible views that will have you hoping this is one you’ll tick off the bucket list more than once!


1- Winter King Crab Safari

Frozen Fjord Chill

Perhaps one you didn’t even think about adding to your bucket list- catch your own king crab from a frozen fjord and eat it by a cosy log fire!

This experience can start from even sawing the hole in the ice that you will catch the two-metre creature from.

bucket list

You’ll be taken by a snowmobile sledge to a beautiful farmhouse by the lake to enjoy the arctic king crab by the fire; you’ll have learnt how to catch and cook the meal!

Don’t worry, although you’ll be situated along the Norwegian coast, you’ll be cosy in warm winter clothes (overall, mittens, helmet & winter boats) with soft drinks too.


What do you think of the latest three phenomenons travellers have added to their bucket list? Are any of these on your must-do list? Would you enjoy a cruise package with the winter king crab safari? Leave us your thoughts below…

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