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Cruise Ships Divert To Valencia Following Barcelona Riots & The Cuba Debate Continues

Cruise Ships Divert To Valencia Following Barcelona Riots & The Cuba Debate Continues

Two cruises on route to Barcelona have been interrupted by riots in the city following the Catalonia independence vote.

The vote sparked major travel disruption, forcing two TUI cruises on the Mein Schiff 3 and the Mein Schiff 5 vessels, to redirect to Valencia instead.

Over 10,000 extra visitors have descended on the town after shocking violence broke out in Catalonia following many citizens’ attempt to vote in a referendum that is not considered legal by the Spanish government.

The people of Catalonia have been fighting for independence from Spain for many years; over 80% of the votes in a referendum previously held in November 2014, organised by the Government of Catalonia, supported independence.

Due to the current diversions, more moorings have been reserved in the town of Valencia in anticipation that further civil unrest in Barcelona will see more ships diverted to the area.

Six spaces for large ships have been cleared for more cruises avoiding Barcelona, and the Valencian Port estimates that the city will receive 2018 ships and 436,000 passengers this year.

According to the Port Authority, Valencia is expecting the arrival of Costa Pacifica, that was in Barcelona earlier this week.


It was also recently announced that Miami-based cruises to Cuba will go ahead despite travel warnings after mysterious attacks.

The US warned tourists to avoid Cuba, after symptoms of hearing loss, ringing in ears, dizziness, sleeping difficulties, headaches and cognitive problems have been reported by officials.

Carnival issued a statement that “while members and relatives of the U.S. diplomatic corps have suffered illnesses apparently triggered by occurrences at the diplomatic offices or possibly their homes, none of the more than 475,000 other Americans visiting Cuba this year have reported similar health issues related to their visits.

We are, of course, closely monitoring and are in touch with U.S., as well as Cuban authorities, and will act accordingly if anything warrants a change in our plans . . .  Please be advised that your visa for travel to Cuba is valid, and there are no issues with your return to the U.S. The State Department advisory does not prohibit Americans from traveling to Cuba.”


What are your thoughts on today’s news? Do you think it was a good call for cruises to divert to Valencia following the riots in Barcelona? What’s your stance on cruising to Cuba? Do you think travellers should make the most of being able to travel to the destination? Leave us your comments…

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