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EVACUATION: Viking Sky Hits Stormy Norway Seas

EVACUATION: Viking Sky Hits Stormy Norway Seas

Passengers aboard Viking Sky were evacuated this weekend after the ship encountered propulsion problems during bad weather.

The ship was situated just off the coast of Norway at the time of the issue; helicopters were deployed to rescue passengers from the vessel.

Viking Sky had been sailing to Stavanger, Norway, when it was forced to send a distress signal as it was drifting towards land, according to Norway’s sea rescue service.

Several vessels and helicopters were sent to the area where the ship was located in an effort to take passengers to safety, the rescue service added.

Even though the ship was able to start one engine, it dropped anchor around 2km from land and was no longer adrift.

One of www.CRUISE.co.uk’s forum members was on board Viking Sky as the evacuation was taking place and regularly updated on our forum…read the thread in full here!

4:45 pm- “Live update, tugs have arrived and the helicopter evacuation is on going, all in one evacuation location as a window/door caved in in the restaurant and soaked multiple passengers, all calm on board and excellent communication from the staff”.

09:19 am- “No one is hungry everyone calm, relaxed and accepting of the circumstances.

Turn now completed and we will be in “safe and calm waters by 13.00, they have just announced that the crew are going back to work, we will get some food and be allowed back to our cabins.

We will also be shown the damage to the ship once the walkways are clear.”

10:10 am “A very good sign, life jackets returned, coffee served and hot food on the way. Captain and Chief Engineer have just appeared and been given a standing ovation. How did Viking handle things, brilliantly”.

3:22 pm- “Really quite emotional, Icelandic cheer/thunderclap rolling out, 100’s lining every vantage point and the sad sight of the waiting ambulances and sundry emergency services.” 


8:23 pm- “Torsten Hagen was on board tonight to personally thank the crew, senior officers, Captain and passengers for their contribution to a successful outcome to the events that we are all familiar with, he had on stage as many of the crew as possible to receive the thanks of guests who attended the evening show.

He then want on to describe that as the cruise delivered was not what we had paid for we would get all our money back, and further we would also be entitled to a free future cruise.”

Viking Cruises stated: “We can confirm that on 23 March 2019 at 2pm (Norwegian time) the vessel Viking Sky, a 47,800 tonne ship travelling from Tromsø to Stavanger carrying 915 guests and 458 crew, experienced a loss of engine power off the coast of Norway near Molde.

“We are working closely with the relevant authorities and all operational procedures were followed in line with international regulations.

In addition Viking has dispatched an operational task force, including the company’s owner, to Molde.

Our first priority was for the safety and well-being of our passengers and our crew, and in close co-operation with the Norwegian Coast Guard, the captain decided to evacuate all guests from the vessel by helicopter.

“The ship is proceeding on its own power and a tugboat is on site. The evacuation is proceeding with all necessary caution. A small number of non-life threatening injuries have been reported.

Guests are being accommodated in local hotels when they arrive back on shore, and Viking will arrange for return flights for all guests.

We are in the process of updating the website with the latest information and activating special telephone numbers for passengers and their relatives.”

The ship’s next sailing, a Scandinavia and Kiel Canal itinerary which was scheduled to embark on Wednesday March 27th has been cancelled.

Passengers and their travel agents have been contacted directly and Viking have stated: “We do not anticipate any additional cancellations at this time.” 


Did you know anyone onboard Viking Sky during the evacuation? Are you impressed with how the line handled it? Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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