Was a Ban enough ?

Jumping off the side of a ship for a prank, really? You could not find anything else to do?

6 Outdoor pools
10 Whirlpools
Rock Climbing wall
Ice rink
Mini Golf
Sports Court
Jogging track

To name but a few of the activities available on board, but what does this person decide to do? Jump off his balcony, encouraged, sadly, by his friends, they were all removed from the ship and forced to find their own way home. Reporting he was still drunk from the night before I see this as no excuse.

Recently Royal Caribbean announced they would no longer offer drinks packages on cruises 5 nights or shorter? I wonder why, and how long before all of the other ships will follow suit. Yet again this ridiculous act was spread all over social media with him now being famous, luckily for him not posthumously.

This will be a blight on the beautiful ship and can take years to recover, even though none of this should have any reflection on her or the crew, because of the amount of publicity it will.

I remember many years ago when P&O fist sent Ventura to the Caribbean, the Christmas tree was set on fire!! This haunted that poor ship for a long time afterwards, and whenever I had someone come into our shop and I bought up the Ventura, this was the only thing customers remembered about her.

It is once again the “few” that spoil everything for the rest of us if anyone feels the urge to jump into the water from a 100-foot platform, can you do all of us regular cruisers a favour, and go to the swimming baths, I am sure it is quite acceptable there.

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