Brexit, Can you still cruise?

We are being asked this question over and over, and as I have just said to a customer on the phone, If the Prime Minister does not know? How could I?

Did all of the low-cost carriers exist back then? Will they want millions of people to stop travelling to Europe? the truth is we don’t know, and until it happens we cannot say.

Below is from our website and a guide to cruises only

It’s well known that Brexit is fast approaching and that the UK is set to leave the EU on 29th March 2019.

There have been concerns across the board since this was announced, with travelling popping up more often than not.

With that being said, the UK Government have just issued official guidance on passenger travel to the EU after Brexit via air, rail and sea.

This guidance addresses the concerns of a no Brexit deal and specifically mentions cruising as follows:

“Cruising from 29th March 2019, if there is no EU exit deal, cruise operations will continue on the same basis as today.”

“Passengers who embark on a cruise at a UK port will continue to be protected by the EU regulation on maritime passengers’ rights, which will be brought into UK law.”

This is great news for the cruising world, as those concerned about the implications of Brexit can now sit back, relax and book that cruise they’ve been eyeing up.

The statement also advises passengers that they “should take out appropriate travel insurance, check and understand the terms and conditions of their booking, and check with their cruise line and insurance provider if they have any questions.”

This advice is taken by the majority of cruisers already, so there should be no problem in doing the same after the UK leaves the EU.

It is also stated that “before you leave for your cruise, check online for the latest travel information and information from your cruise operator.”

CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) added that they “welcome this advice and hope it reassures UK and EU citizens planning a cruise holiday departing from the UK next year.”

They also had some of their own advice to offer, stating that “we would also advise that all UK travellers check the expiry date of their passport when booking travel arrangements, and ensure that there is at least six months’ validity at time of travel.”

We hope that you are feeling more comfortable after this guidance from the UK Government and can begin to look forward to cruising after Brexit!

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