Drinks on board Has P&O got it right ?

The whole debate has started again with P&O finally bring out a drinks package, I get asked the question at least once every day, is it worth it?

This is such a personal choice as I often hear the comment, I don’t drink much, well if that’s the case, then no it obviously will not pay you.

Busy Itinerary, again off the ship every day for a good portion of the cruise, then perhaps no. If you have a 7-night cruise with two sea days ?? maybe

My husband drinks John Smiths and myself red wine, while he is not a raging alcoholic, he does not drink much at home, when on the cruise I think his alter ego comes out!! very often there is a bloody mary with his breakfast, having to drive all over the country at home, in company cars, he will not take the risk of even having a couple of pints at night, losing your job over this would be extremely silly. Yet when on a cruise !!

One of his favourites onboard Celebrity (mine has the cream) martinis are like good bottles of wine, one is never enough !!

Getting back to the week we did spend on P&P for his 50th, our bar bill was possible close to £ 400 for the week, which mostly consisted of our bottle of wine with dinner, john smiths @ £4.10 per pint, breakfast bloody marys and the odd cocktail, I have to say on this particular cruise we were very conservative with our drinks, we were on a bit of a budget at the time, If we would have the drinks package offered today, the total would have been £560, I would most definitely have taken it.

drinks prices

I hope this link works if not just copy and paste, this is a great guide, just remember, water, coffee, soft drinks, it all adds up !!

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