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The Ideal Destinations To Visit For A First-Time Cruiser

The Ideal Destinations To Visit For A First-Time Cruiser

If you’re booking your first cruise, there may seem like there is a lot to consider. But don’t fret; make the big decisions first, and the rest will seem much simpler. One of the most important choices you’ll need to make is where to go, and with cruise ships sailing all around the world, there are plenty of options.

To help you decide, below, we’ve shared our choice of ideal first-time cruise destinations.

The Caribbean

Best for romance and relaxation

If your idea of a cruise holiday is lazy walks on white powder beaches, lapped by shimmering turquoise waters, then the Caribbean is for you. These stunning islands are known for their year-round warm temperatures, vibrant culture and carnival spirit. Discover the islands’ intriguing history, dive into their wondrous waters or simply sit back, chill out and enjoy the views.


Best for breathtaking beauty and fascinating folklore

Venturing into an ancient landscape where the Vikings once roamed, the Norwegian fjords have a magical quality about them, with a culture abundant in folklore. Sailing within this majestic wilderness, you’ll pass waterfalls cascading into sparkling, emerald lakes and rising rugged cliffs. Meanwhile, picturesque villages are nestled at the foot of the mountains and offer a chance to learn more about this other-worldly destination.

The River Danube

Best for riches in river cruising

Take a river cruise along the Danube and discover the elegant architecture and changing landscape of Central Europe. Taking in several countries and up to four national capital cities – Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade – a cruise on the Danube offers so much variety. The history, music and arts are unparalleled, while the quiet and serene journey alongside the Danube’s enchanting river banks makes for a mesmerising holiday. 

Schloegener Schlinge, a famous geological feature in Upper Austria


Best choice for wildlife watching

Alaska has been widely recognised as a top cruise destination, and with good reason. It is utterly spectacular. Its dramatic scenery of epic glaciers, craggy ice-capped mountains, vast forests and tundra, and an incredible variety of wildlife, such as whales, bears, seals and otters, make for a most memorable first cruise holiday.

Southeast Asia

Best for longer cruises

Southeast Asia has so much to offer and there are a variety of cruise itineraries that take in various parts of this region. Some sail around Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia; then there’s Singapore or Bali. Others take in Hong Kong, China and Japan. With such diversity in fascinating ancient histories, vibrant cultures, beautiful natural landscapes and modern luxury cityscapes, it’s definitely worth opting for an extended cruise holiday here to enjoy each aspect at a relaxed pace.

worlds best secret beaches Koh Lanta, Thailand

Western Mediterranean

Best for chic culture

Cruising the West Mediterranean region offers a wealth of culture, cuisine and history, taking in several countries, including Spain, France and Italy. Discover the iconic cities of Rome, Barcelona and Naples and the sophisticated seaside destinations of Nice, Monaco, Cannes and Marseille as you sail along this picturesque coastline. Visit historic monuments, browse in boutique shops or pause at a seaside café to enjoy a coffee or local wine.

The United Kingdom

Best for mini cruise breaks

If you just want a taster cruise holiday, then a mini cruise break close to home is an excellent option, and many cruise lines offer various holidays around the UK. You can discover the magnificent castles and lochs of Scotland, the sunny south shores of Cornwall or enjoy all the luxuries of a cruise ship while sailing around the coast of Dorset.

If you’re considering your first cruise holiday, you’re in for a real treat! Many people who try cruise holidays never look back, and see cruising as the best way to explore many of the amazing destinations the world has to offer. If you’d like further advice on where to go for your first cruise holiday, please get in touch with our cruise specialists.

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