Seabourn Pursuit Unveils Custom Art Collection Onboard

Seabourn Pursuit Unveils Custom Art Collection Onboard

Seabourn’s new ultra-luxury expedition ship has debuted its 700-piece art collection onboard, featuring custom works inspired by the spirit of exploration and wondrous global discoveries.

The bespoke art collection, designed exclusively for Seabourn Pursuit, was commissioned by Seabourn design partner, Tihany Design, led by Founder and Principal Adam D. Tihany and Partner Alessia Genova. London-based curatorial studio, Double Decker then developed the sophisticated, thoughtful and unique collection which sets out to express the designer’s vision of “an expedition of discoveries”.

Double Decker co-directors, Wilhelm Finger and Melita Skamnaki, worked with artists, designer and fabricators during the curation process to globally conjure the vision- pursuing elegant yet brave works that create a connection to those who have sailed before.

The new collection features unique art that celebrates the wonders of our planet and the great explorers of our time, injected with geographic inspiration throughout. Resultantly, the collection gives a bold, colourful and playful feel with a modern attitude. With hundreds of pieces onboard, the custom art stimulates curiosity for guests and evokes powerful visual adventures along Seabourn Pursuit’s dramatic routes.

“We had a vision to deliver a dynamic and harmonious experience of exploration by creating a unique synergy to unite the masterful interior design by Tihany Design and the bespoke art collection with the powerful, state-of-the-art capabilities on this purpose-built luxury expedition ship.

As a result, our guests will experience an unexpected layer of imaginative discoveries and be inspired by the smallest details, symbols, hidden messages in every corner to provoke a deep sense of personal exploration and appreciation. Seabourn Pursuit‘s art collection will elevate the onboard experience as guests embark on their own journey to interact with new environments that in some cases no humans have seen before.”

Natalya Leahy, President of Seabourn

Some of the many works within the custom art collection onboard Seabourn Pursuit include…

Magical Sky

Located in the main atrium on deck 4, this captivating sculpture installation was designed by curator, Double Decker, and is inspired by the sky’s alluring shapes and colours that are visible along the ship’s journeys.

The concave dome on top of a plinth invites guests to look inside and discover multiple layers and reflections within, connecting them to the sky.

Etched Glass Mural Partitions

This set of commissioned glass installations can be found in the Expedition Lounge onboard Seabourn Pursuit. The works, Amazonian Moon and Arctic Moon, celebrate the moon’s resonating beauty, magic and enduring presence in the night skies from the Amazon to the Arctic.

Panels on this unique work feature etched glass textures, coloured glass, gold and silver leaf finishes, plus silver-infused glass.


Exclusively commissioned for Seabourn Pursuit, Amazônia is located in Seabourn Square on Deck 6 of the ship. In this piece of artwork, the acrylic paintings of celebrated Brazilian artist, James Kudo, depict architectural spaces, animals, and flora and fauna in a vivid palette of acrylic paint.

Graphic Glass Panels

Guests walking the atrium’s staircase will be able to marvel at this part of the unique art collection onboard the ship. Inspired by the winding coastlines of Seabourn destinations, this piece of artwork was commissioned to re-interpret the natural coastal geography seen on the vessel’s voyages.

Guests can find even more unique and custom-made artworks in the new collection onboard Seabourn Pursuit‘s upcoming sailings.

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