Empty Nest …………….

Well the time has finally come, the last one is leaving for pastures new !! My wonderful son is off to Cape Town for a gap year and to spend some time with his father. Ticket finally booked 23rd October 2013.

Dean was born in South Africa in 1994 and we came to settle back in England in 2004, I think he may have some adjusting to do. When he arrived here with a wonderful tan (right after summer) and a rather strong SA accent, he was quite the novelty in our small primary school in Earlsdon, children can be very mocking of anything different or new.

Now he has to do it all in reverse again and be the one with a strange accent, this time a Coventry one!!

Seriously though, it’s been hard for him and I really do feel for many of our teenagers/young people, straight from school or college and they need to work. He has filled out so many applications, very often not even getting any acknowledgement. When or how do they get the experience needed if no one will give them a job ?

He is very lucky to have this opportunity and travel is so educational, it gives a new outlook on life, exposes you to different cultures and attitudes. It can build confidence, and none of this can be taught. In the words of the famous advert “Priceless”

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