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I have touched on this subject before about booking early to avoid disappointment, yet I am returning to the subject as I came across some interesting facts. I know the amount of cabins that will be converted is limited, I now know the age groups of the children allowed. This information came from P & O Cruises and applies to The Azura, it will vary on different ships and cruise lines. The total amount of children they will allow is 660

Infants 6 – 23 Months ……….19
Tots 24 – 25 months ……….24
3-7 year old ……….88
8 year old ……….30 (Why this age is singled out I have no idea!)
9-12 years old ……….200
13-16 years old ……….300

How informative is that ? So if you are planning a family holiday, often whole families together, bear this in mind and get in there early. Book your balcony cabins next to each other, the balconies can be opened so you can move freely between each other and have one big “veranda” some also have interconnecting doors inside, its all in the planning !!

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