What is a FREE upgrade?

Ok, so I read all the posts on cruise forums, Facebook etc from people who book the cabin that they want then end up being moved.  Why does this happen I hear you ask. Well, let me explain…..

On some cruise lines, you have the option to choose if you wish to be upgraded or not but others can just move you as they need the cabin you have booked for a reason.

P&O, Princess & Cunard offer you the option to accept an automatic upgrade if one becomes available, you can select this or you can decline and choose ‘do not upgrade’ or you can choose to upgrade to the next grade e.g oceanview to a balcony only.

Inside cabin

My advise when accepting this upgrade is to know that if you are on deck 8 mid-ship inside cabin and you accept a FREE upgrade you could be moved to a forward or aft oceanview 4 decks lower which is classed as an upgrade.

I have heard complaints from customers who thought an upgrade meant higher up on the ship but not lower. I have also had people moved from an inside cabin to an obstructed view and complained they couldn’t see out of the window – you booked an inside!!! Would have paid more for the cabin you have got – no pleasing some people.

Outside cabins are usually lower down on most ships as balconies are higher up.

Mid-ship about half way up is the most desired location on any ship if you don’t wish to feel much movement (weather permitting). These, of course, are the more expensive cabins.

I have regular customers who book inside mid-ship and decline the upgrade, I also have customers who don’t care where they are so will always accept the upgrade & have had a good upgrade.

When I book your cruise I will advise you of this so you are fully aware of the options and what a FREE upgrade is.

Other cruise lines such as MSC, Royal Caribbean & more can move you but there is no option to say you don’t want to be moved.  Did you read the T&C’s (no one does) as it can state that this can happen.





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