Is Luxury cruising too expensive?

Over the last few weeks here at we had held various events for luxury cruise lines.  These entail a brief history of our company and then a talk from the relevant cruise line.

Refreshments are available followed by a small lunch.
Special offers for you for attending also if you book something within 10 days so a great deal for you.

Our staff are on hand to assist you with any enquiries or questions you may have throughout the afternoon.  I have attended 3 of these events now & each one has been different but enjoyable in its own way.

I have covered Crystal Cruises, Regent Cruises & Seabourn Cruises – do I have a favourite? Not really but I could say Regent as I have actually been on the ‘Voyager’ so can speak from first-hand experience.

I am yet to experience Crystal & Seabourn but I’m always willing to try – hint hint!

We are reviewing the way we do these to make them better but are definitely worth attending if you are looking to expand your cruising history to the luxury brands.

Everyone I have spoken to since the events have really enjoyed them and learned so much about that next step up in cruising.

So what makes Luxury cruising different I hear you ask, well without giving too much away (as you may be attending one soon)..

  1. They have smaller ships
  2. Staff to guest ratio is higher
  3. More space for you on board
  4. Drinks included
  5. Superb service
  6. Fantastic food

To name but a few.

I went on Regent Voyager a few years back & experienced all of the above.  The bathroom in my cabin was bigger than my kitchen – imagine that as bathrooms can be fairly small on average ships.


What you need to remember when cruising is ‘It’s not what it costs you to get on, it’s what it costs you to get off’ – with this I mean you pay for your cruise including all the food, but what about the extras:-

  1. speciality dining
  2. excursions*
  3. standard soft drinks
  4. all drinks including premium brands
  5. gratuities

On luxury cruise lines all these are included in your cruise fare so by the time you have added all these together then you are literally paying for the cost of your luxury cruise in most cases. *on Regent only.

So next time you consider a cruise then why not give me a call to compare with a luxury cruise if this is for you.




2 Comments on “Is Luxury cruising too expensive?

  1. We love Fred Olsen.Small friendly good food,Great locations.Great entertainment also.Only thing is this year is very expensive and no fly from local airport’s.Will have to look at TUI and see what they are offering!

    • If you are replying to an article on luxury cruising then Fred Olsen nor TUI cruises are in the same class, and are not worthy as a response / discussion.

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