I Love Torquay!

I have been to Torquay a few times now & love it down there.
Myself & my husband Adam went for our 1st Wedding Anniversary in 2014 in July, then in Oct 2017, we went for my birthday with some friends of ours Tom & Sue for a couple of nights & had a great time.

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Do you know the UK?

We all go off on these lovely cruises & holidays around the world but have you ever considered doing a British Isles Cruise?

My knowledge of Europe and further afield is far better than my knowledge of the UK.

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2019 continues but is it better?

So if you have read my previous post you will know this year has not been the best start to 2019 for me & my family.

I started with an illness in January called Trigeminal Neuralgia which affects the left side of my face causing constant earache & a dull ache in my face, my tongue swells up & my lip tingles badly, this is being controlled by medication to ease the pain but I still get the odd flare up. I am being monitored closely by my GP who has been fantastic since day one. I have regular appointments with her and blood tests just to keep an eye on everything.

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Is Luxury cruising too expensive?

Over the last few weeks here at Cruise.co.uk we had held various events for luxury cruise lines.  These entail a brief history of our company and then a talk from the relevant cruise line.

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What is a FREE upgrade?

Ok, so I read all the posts on cruise forums, Facebook etc from people who book the cabin that they want then end up being moved.  Why does this happen I hear you ask. Well, let me explain…..

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What is a Balcony?

A lot of cruise lines have various grades of a balcony cabin on their ships these days but what do they mean?

I get asked this question a lot when advising what is available when customers ask for a balcony cabin, so here are the differences so you too can understand.

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There’s a Ghost!

Whilst on our Yangtze river cruise we visited the Ghost City of Fengdu located on the Northern bank of the river downstream from  Chongqing where we boarded the ship.

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On the Yangtze…..

Whilst on our tour in China we had a 3 night River Cruise down the Yangtze – it was fantastic!

The tour was 12 days in total so after seeing Beijing, Pingyao, Xian & Chengdu we headed off to Chongquin to board the MS Kararina which is one of Victoria Cruises ships.

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2019 so far…

2019 hasn’t been kind to me & my family so far but I’m hoping it can only get better.

Not looking my best but hubby took this as I’d finally fallen asleep.

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Bigger is better or is it?

Does size matter?

It does when it comes to cruise ships for me anyway but all cruisers are different.  I have customers who will only sail on small ships and some that want a big ship.

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