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Well as you all know from my last post ,  i was very lucky to be offered a two day trip onboard the beautiful Celebrity Edge. I was excited to see this ship after seeing lots of different images and she definitely didn’t disappoint.

It made things all the more glorious when we arrived in Southampton with wall to wall sunshine !! Upon arrival we headed straight for our room ,  which was the Concierge infinite balcony cabin. I was really impressed with the style of the room , really classy and modern  , very contemporary feel to . The infinite balcony’s are a first for the ocean cruise lines and I absolutely loved them . You had Bifolding doors and then a floor to ceiling glass balcony. With a hit of a button the balcony glass moves down to allow in fresh air or can be closed up again , almost like a conservatory type feel. It gave so much light and extra space to the room and I feel that this is the future of all balcony cabins. On the evenings another switch of a button and a motorised blackout blind comes down to give that pich back feel to help you sleep.








Wondering around the ship I was really impressed by how light and spacious the Edge felt. There are a lot of glass areas and big floor to ceiling windows. The main pool area is really something special , it has a huge pool , one of the biggest I have seen onboard a ship. There are lots of contemporary features around the pool with neon changing lights above the bar and around the seated cabana areas.


They also have a huge butterfly sculpture that was great for any perfect Instagram snap you wanted to take. The other great outdoor area was the rooftop area , a really peaceful and tranquil area where you can lounge on the wavey  style seats with lots of beautiful cushions and when we wondered around there was a male singer and guitarist performing. I could really imagine chilling here ,  enjoying a cocktail whilst bobbing along on the ocean.

If you are lucky enough to have a suite onboard the Celebrity Edge then you will benefit from the retreat which is an exclusive area that boasts around the clock butler service and very chic outdoor loungers and cabanas.



The centre of attention on this ship has to be the Grand Plaza area, a great place to meet before dinner and sample the Martini bar delights. The design in here really is beautiful and we found it was great on the evenings with live music and dancing. The chocolate Martinis were the best but so much choice on the menu , they all sounded amazing



I cant leave out the massive talking point of the Edge which is of course the Magic Carpet (The big orange thing stuck on the side !!) .It really does look a bit of an eye sore from certain angles and why it was decided to be painted bright orange when the rest of the ship is in beiges and light blues im not quite sure. But once you get past that it is lovely once inside. It transforms depending on which deck it stops at and can be used as a dining venue and then drinks and socialising after. It’s a great experience and something that would make a very memorable evening.




On one of the nights we headed over to the Eden venue for a silent Disco. If you’ve ever done one of these before there great fun and everyone looks like complete plonkers bopping around with their headphones on to what ever tune they decide to channel in to .Eden is absolutely beautiful , a calm and peaceful area with lots of greenery and big comfy chairs. A great place to enjoy a coffee , have a meal or just relax in general.

If you fancy partying the night away then you can head over top the club. It’s a great venue and really cool in there like a big city club. It can get very busy in here so sometimes getting a drink was a bit of a wait so make sure you take one in with you. There was a great DJ and we also had some performers and dancers so great atmosphere in there.

The best thing about cruising if course is the food and the dining on the Edge really was wonderful. You can dine in one of the four main restaurants onboard and have extensive menus to choose from. Everything we had was lovely and my favourite meal was the duck that came out cooked to perfection. The main buffet restaurant had so much choice hot and cold dishes so if you felt like going back for seconds no one could blame you. The best thing ever in here was the Cheesecake lollipos !! Just melted in your mouth so if you’re a cheesecake lover you must sample one (or two , or three !!) of these.

Overall my experience onboard the Edge was amazing. From the Infinite balconys , the floating Martini glass hot tubs , the beautiful food and great Venus onboard I felt she was top class and not far behind luxury ships I’ve been on.

If you’re the type of cruisers who like to have the nicer things in life surrounded in modern luxury then this ship definitely will not disappoint. Celebrity have really taken the Edge when it comes to offering one wonderful ship.

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