Ibiza rocked for me …


So last week myself and a colleague were among thirty travel agents from across the country that were invited to an awards event held by Carnival cruises.  The event was to be held on the beautiful island of Ibiza and we were staying in a hotel called Ibiza Rocks. Now unless your between eighteen to thirty then there’s a good chance that you have never heard of this place. Its basically a hotel in Ibiza that hosts famous DJ’s and artists from across the globe and they hold huge pool party’s here. I was really quite nervous to go as I thought I may be one of the oldest swingers there but I was relieved when I met the other agents that they were all similar ages or older and just ready to have a great time , like me.

The first evening when we arrived, we were taken on a sunset cruise around the bay of Ibiza. We had food and drink provided and there was a DJ onboard. It was beautiful to cruise around as Ibiza is beautiful and has some of the most aqua blue, crystal waters you will ever see. To top the cruise off we watched a beautiful sunset and it really was a lovely evening.

On the second day we had the big pool party event. Carnival, very generously, offered us the VIP area which gave us complimentary drinks and food. We had a beautiful area around the pool with Cabana beds and very close proximity to the DJ’s. We spent the afternoon partying and dancing and just having the best time. The weather was absolutely glorious as well, so this really helped of course.

On the final day of the trip we had the fantastic opportunity to visit Pikes hotel as this was where the awards ceremony was being held. This is one of the most iconic hotels in Ibiza steeped in Rock and roll history. George Michael filmed his club Tropicana video here and the great Freddie Mercury having wild party’s there. The hotel has a very cool, boutique feel to it and the meal we had in the restaurant was wonderful. It now works very closely with Ibiza Rocks and is bringing the hotel into the modern world with different events and party nights.

I had such a great time on the trip, and it was definitely a little bit of escapism for me as being a mom of three I would never normally have the chance to be partying it up in Ibiza.


Carnival cruises treated us very well and gave us lots of information about them growing as a company and appealing to young couples and modern families. They promote themselves as fun cruises which are much more relaxed time with little to no pretentions. They provide year round cruises in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico and then seasonal cruises to Canada , Alaska , Hawaii and Europe. I tend to find that if clients like Ncl or Royal Caribbean then Carnival are a really good alternative and usually at a very competitive price.

If you fancy a Carnival cruise and would like some more information, then give me a call and I will be happy to help.

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