The Seas are turning Green

Well, not quite but we are taking steps to getting the Seas green with newly introduced Global warming ideas to combat what to most look like a serious problem.

With Sky TV Ocean Rescue campaign and the inspirational Greta Thunberg capturing the attention and hearts of millions worldwide a few of the cruiselines are now looking to do their bit, and in time a bit more i am sure.

‘Norwegian Cruise lines pledge to abandon plastic water bottles’

This was a headline in the New York Times this week with regards to their pledge that hopefully other cruise companies will follow.   Instead of giving passengers single use plastic bottles, Norwegian cruise lines will instead offer a re-usable option to passengers.  They aim to roll this out by beginning of 2020 and forecast that this could save about five million plastic bottles being used and then disposed of.


‘MSC Cruises to introduce new green technologies on MSC Grandiosa’

This was published by Cruise and Ferry and MSC have advised the impact will be that nitrogen oxide emissions from engine operations will be cut by 90%.  They are also introducing advanced wastewater treatment to purify wastewater to near tap-water quality.  The Grandiosa will also introduce advanced waste management.


On pretty much all the new ships, no matter how huge they are the cruise lines have already gone green with their fuel/ energy consumption.

Do you think more can be done and if so what would you suggest?


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