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Hi, I'm Trevor Smith and I joined the travel industry in 2001 as a part time travel consultant. Over the years and as the industry took a grip of my career I have moved through the ranks. Going full time in 2002 I soon went into management, training and development.…

Posted on Oct 10, 2018
1300 strong stag party on a 3 night cruise

OK, not a stag party but just as bad. Picture the scene. You’ve saved up for the perfect holiday - complete with luxury accommodation, meals and tours - and counted down the days, only to find your trip rudely interrupted by a raucous stag party. This was the situation facing…

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Posted on Sep 27, 2018
Virgin set to Set Sail.

Virgin’s first cruise ship has recently floated out and in a similar theme to the Virgin colour scheme she has been named Scarlet Lady. We still have a little while to wait before we can set sail with her, she is due to do her maiden voyage from Miami in…

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Posted on Sep 12, 2018
Regent Cruises- What’s their All Inclusive all about?

  Regent Seven Seas are renowned for their six-star luxury cruising and for some the price may look a lot more than the standard cruise-line.  However, their all-inclusive concept means they are more than just luxury for those who cruise with them but also represent excellent value for money for…

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Posted on Aug 29, 2018
Independence of the Seas- My first time

Tomorrow I board the Independence of the Seas, I have done a Royal Caribbean cruise before but this will be my first on Indy. After undertaking the Royal Amplified program, Royal's refurbishment scheme the reviews that were already great have got even better and i am so looking forward to it. With it…

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Posted on Aug 15, 2018
Queen Elizabeth 2- Still making History

You may have seen many emails, Facebook posts and texts regards 2 Queens meeting up, if you are 1 of the lucky ones that don't get all these notifications and texts pestering you well you did not escape, I got you. So you may or may not know but the…

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Posted on Jul 31, 2018
P&O go All Inclusive

At long last P&O are considering going all inclusive, but first they are trialing the package on a few Azura cruises now, the first sailing being on the 21st July. For years passengers have been asking for a drinks package, in-line with many other cruise lines. So what does the…

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Posted on Jul 14, 2018
So it’s not coming home, yet.

So 4 days on from that awful Semi-Final defeat, we have just lost to Belgium in the 'who cares' 3rd and 4th place play off and I have still not turned on Sky Sports News. My flags are still up in the garden and in the car, I am still proud,…

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Posted on Jun 30, 2018
Halloween at sea, Disney Style.

Halloween is one of my families favourite day of the year, in fact my 7 year old looks forward to it more than her own birthday. We always get dressed up, decorate the house inside and out, have a big tub of sweets waiting for trick or treaters and then…

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Posted on Jun 16, 2018
Iona- A little island, a Big ship.

P&O have announced the name of their new ship for what will be their biggest vessell. Iona.   Having Googled Iona the name is actually quite fitting. P&O as a company can trace their roots back to Scotland, and Iona is an island off the Scottish coast. You can see…

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Posted on May 31, 2018
My 7 night holiday, plus an extra day and 1 night in the airport.

I have recently just got back from a lovely 7 night holiday in Kemer, Turkey. Yep, still not done a cruise with the family yet but come the end of August that will not be the case, for half of them anyway.   Whilst I was away sunning it up…

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