MSC to launch yet another ship! History in the making for MSC.

MSC really have grown leaps and bounds over the past couple of years and not much is changing for the years to come. MSC has become one of the biggest cruise lines in the World, last year MSC Launch both MSC Meraviglia and the MSC Seaside, this year they have launched the sister to the Seaside, the MSC Seaview. Then next year we will see them launching the MSC Belissima which will be named in Southampton in March 2019, and then later in the year will be the MSC Grandiosa which is the newest class in the MSC Fleet called the Meraviglia Plus Class.

June has been quite a significant month for MSC, Firstly with the naming of the MSC Seaview in Genoa, they have also had the float out of the MSC Belissima which is the first time she has hit the water, so a huge step for this magnificent ship.

Then we had the Coin Ceremony for the MSC Grandiosa and also the steel cutting for the sister of the MSC Grandiosa, which was also named at the same time – So Welcome to the MSC Virtuosa!

Not quite sure on the name – what do you think? MSC Virtuosa, although I wasn’t to keen on the MSC Meraviglia but it has grown on me.

At the same time, MSC has also announced that they signed an order for construction on a fifth Meraviglia Class Ship for delivery in 2023. This does take the MSC Order book to 13 new ships in the next 10 years. This has to be a record in the Order History for any cruise line and it’s likely to go up knowing MSC.

MSC are continuing to break records and this is the first time that the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire’s history to have three cruise ships belonging to a single cruise line under simultaneous construction at the same shipyard.

Pierfrancesco Vago who is the Executive Chairman for MSC Said, “Our fifth Meraviglia-class cruise ship will bring a new generation of cutting-edge environmental technology to the market, benefiting from a new generation of LNG-powered engines. This will help us further reduce our environmental footprint and advance in our journey of constant improvement. She will be joined at sea by up to four World Class LNG-powered ships as part of our overall commitment to environmental stewardship through this and other next-generation technologies and solutions deployed fleetwide.”

MSC have taken the UK market by storm and have lots of bargains, so if you haven’t tried MSC – What are you waiting for?

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