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Hello there, I'm Tom Harding and I have been in the Cruise and Travel industry for about 10 years. Cruising has always been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I love the elegance and sophistication that comes with cruising and to be able to see lots of places…

Posted on Nov 25, 2019
Scarlet’s Got A New Sister!

Virgin Voyages are the latest to jump on the bandwagon and take a cut of the cruising industry ​with the Scarlet Lady set to sail in Early 2020 and she is set to visit the UK at the Ports of Dover and Liverpool, which is so strange that she will…

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Posted on Oct 30, 2019
Lady G to move to pastures new!

Royal Caribbean Cruises has announced that the Grandeur of the Seas will be leaving the Royal Caribbean Fleet in 2021. The Grandeur or 'Lady G' as she is affectionately known as, has been based out of Baltimore for the past  couple of years and has a strong following so the…

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Posted on Oct 16, 2019
Big movements in the world of Luxury Cruising!

Silversea are on of my favourite cruise lines, there motto is sailing on Silversea is like coming home, and it is, they have a real homey feeling them, although you still have the 6* Luxury feel. I do think sometimes, too much can be too much and you can have…

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Posted on Oct 3, 2019
2021 and 2022 is here!

This time of year there is so much going on and to look forward too, Coming in to October I always think the Summer is over and to get ready for the Winter Months, and of course the Big C word is just around the corner, that’s right Christmas is…

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Posted on Sep 19, 2019
MSC Magnifica to return more Magnific in 2021!

  Some very exciting news for all us MSC Fans out there as MSC Cruises has announced that the MSC Magnifica will return to Southampton for a Full 2021 Summer Season. MSC Magnifica has always been a firm favourite with UK Cruisers, and I myself love the ship, such an…

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Posted on Sep 2, 2019
Cruise Ship Set To Break Guinness World Record

Viking Ocean Cruises are set, to set a new Guinness Record this weekend as the Viking Sun Cruise ship was docked on the River Thames in Greenwich with the stunning London Skyline in the distance. She will span across six continents, taking in 111 ports over 51 different countries. This…

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Posted on Aug 14, 2019
P&O Oceana to be redeployed & Celebrity to follow!

P&O have made the difficult decision to pull the Oceana from her Winter 2019 and 202 Dubia and the Middle East Program amid concerns for British Flagged Ships in the region. P&O Oceana was due to depart Malta at the end of October for Dubia and would remain there throughout…

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Posted on Jul 29, 2019
Princess Cruises Summer 2021 and Dame Helen Mirren!

I thought this week I would do something a little difference and round up on some of the daily cruise news, but I promise not to mention anything about a clown on the Britannia as I think we would have all seen about this. So whats going on in the…

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Posted on Jul 13, 2019
Farewell to an Old Friend!

Farewell to an Old Friend! Oriana has always been one of my favourite ships, I have been fortunate to have been on her a couple times and it saddens me to think I will not get on her again, well under the name Oriana! Oriana joined the P&O fleet back…

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Posted on Jun 29, 2019
To tip or not to tip is the big question!?

To tip or not to tip! This must be one of the most common questions we are asked. Are tips included? Do we need to tip? How much are tips? And I with good reason. A family of four on a 14 night cruise with say Royal Caribbean can set…

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