Meet ‘Bug Naked’ on Celebrity Cruises!

Celebrity Cruises has to be one of my favourite cruise lines, and if you speak to anyone who has cruised with them always have good things to say.

Well today I had a rather interesting conversation with one of my regulars who has just returned from the Celebrity Equinox, she had as expected a wonderful time but some rather unique experiences.

First of all, let me introduce you to ‘Bug Naked’. This very special cat belongs to Captain Kate Mccue who is a female Captain on board Celebrity Cruises, I think this is great as there aren’t many Female Captain’s in the industry and she really is flying the flag, well Kate and Bug!


Bug travels all around the world with her human owner, experiencing more than any Cat I have known, she even gets to go in the driving seat.

Bug isn’t roaming the ship unfortunately, but you are able to keep up with her on Instagram –

Although my guests did get to see her from there balconies up on the bridge.

So, this lead on, next there was also a couple on board, pushing a pram. Completely normal I know, but wait, inside the pram was two Shih Tzu Dogs, at that point I had this image come in to my head, what if Bug got out of the bridge for a wonder and these two dogs saw her. Could have been quite a problem with a Bug being chased by two dogs – not quite what you would expect.

But being an animal lover and having dogs myself, I would love to be able to take them on board, not quite sure they would be as well behaved but at least they would be having a good time.

The History of Pets on board is not uncommon, it dates back to the 1800’s, in 1840 when Britannia sailed on her Maiden Voyage, three cats when on board to keep rates at bay. Also, in the days of Cunard’s Britannia it was common for a Cow to travel on board and be harness on the deck to provide fresh milk, and then on the last day it was slaughtered, I must admit this is the one thing I am glad has changed over the years gone by.

On Queen Mary’s maiden voyage, an Actress Francis Day even brought Chickens on board to make sure she had Fresh Eggs each day and that was just a four-day cruise!

Then in 1963, a hippo – yes, a HIPPO, travelled on Pavia as he was coming from Naples to Chester Zoo, he was travelling first class up on deck and had an awning over the cage, and lots of cold water showers, can you imagine?

Cunard, no exception has the most interesting stories when you look back but if you are on board be sure to visit Cunardia for all the history on Cunard.

So the most unusual thing you have seen on your cruise?

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