Less Than 3 Weeks To Go!!

On writing this, I am 19 days from being a married man! The last few weeks have been a bit frantic, but I feel like everything is in control and running smoothly. My groomsmen’s suits all fit, my speech is written, music system sound checked twice (much to the annoyance of the neighbours) catering company sorted, rings purchased, all good!

I have been spending any free hours managing and tending to the garden where we will be hosting our reception, with well over 100 people coming it’s taken a lot to ensure that it looks smart and will be a great venue for all to enjoy. We are having a mixture of tables and hay bales for the seating, although knowing our family and friends there will not be much sitting involved. My Father-in-Law to be has gone bonkers with the sound system, so thankfully my garden backs on to a graveyard, so those neighbours will not be complaining.

The odd jobs left to do are mainly decorating, which I can’t do this far out as a lot of them are quite delicate so will get damaged this far out. My office is full to bursting of pom poms, bunting, fairy lights and flowers, it’s much brighter than usual I must say! The next couple of weeks will absolutely fly by with lots of little bits and bobs to sort, but I am starting to feel more excitement than panic which can only mean everything is in order. The last thing on the list is to buy the sweets, order the hay bales (the chap told me to call 1 week before!!) and order the evening food from the pizzeria just around the corner from us. On the Friday before the big day, we will be going for the rehearsal at the church and getting the sound system all set up, as well as the decorating. Can’t wait!



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