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Hi and welcome to me. I got into the travel industry straight from leaving college in 2003 and have never managed to get out as I have become hypnotized and fallen in love with finding people their dream holidays, especially cruises.  I worked my way up the ranks in the retail travel…

Posted on Oct 7, 2019
Royal Caribbean ramp it up for the Asian market.

Royal Caribbean has started work on a major upgrade to its 20-year-old Voyager of the Seas. They are going full-on with their plans too, with slides, extra cabins being put in, laser-tag and new soft furnishings being installed as over 2000 contractors spend the next 41 days on the $99…

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Posted on Sep 25, 2019
Sad day for the travel industry.

So Monday saw the biggest collapse within our beloved travel industry as package holiday giants Thomas Cook sadly could not raise the £200 million required to keep them trading. I started our learning my trade with Thomas Cook 16 years ago at their head office working in their cruise department.…

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Posted on Sep 9, 2019
Our time on MSC Preziosa

So, me, my wife and children have recently returned from a week on board MSC's Preziosa. With MSC being one of the cruise lines I have never experienced, I was quite excited to experience what MSC has to offer as I am forever being asked my thoughts on the rapidly…

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Posted on Aug 26, 2019
On My Holidays!!

When this blog posts I will be on the final day of my 1st cruise with MSC, and the longest cruise we have taken the children on! I am either very very happy or pulling my hair out. I am quite excited to experience MSC, to be honest. With the…

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Posted on Aug 12, 2019
Our BIG Day

So, after hours, days, weeks and months of hard work, our big day has finally come on gone and what a day we had. I quite honestly could not have thought in a million years it would have run as smoothly as it did. We were out working in the…

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Posted on Jul 29, 2019
It’s finally here!!

I am signing off today for a week and when I return I will be a married man. I have a shed load of things to get done in the run-up and the weather is looking pretty wet for this entire week, which is not ideal when I have a…

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Posted on Jul 16, 2019
Less Than 3 Weeks To Go!!

On writing this, I am 19 days from being a married man! The last few weeks have been a bit frantic, but I feel like everything is in control and running smoothly. My groomsmen's suits all fit, my speech is written, music system sound checked twice (much to the annoyance…

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Posted on Jul 2, 2019
Princess to Include Drinks on Caribbean Sailings.

Drinks package, drink package, drinks package...The 2 words I have definitely heard the biggest increase in being asked about in the last 5 years, back when I first started out in travel, they simply did not exist and like the mobile phone, we can how seemingly not be able to…

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Posted on Jun 17, 2019
A lovely weekend giving my Mother away.

This weekend I had the honour of giving my Mother away at her lovely wedding to her long-suffering partner of over 10 years. They had a lovely small ceremony with just over 20 of us in attendance with the majority being made up of their children and grandchildren with myself…

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Posted on Jun 3, 2019
My Recent Jolly on Independence of the Seas.

So, I have recently enjoyed a lovely little 3-night break on what has fast become our favourite ship as a family - The Independence of the Seas. A cheeky little bank holiday weekend break over to Zeebrugge and Le Havre, however, it could have sailed anywhere as we didn't bother…

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