Britannia Brawl ! Are the drinks packages to blame??

Hi All, as I will be travelling on Britannia later this year, I was disappointed to hear that yet again, the drink has played a big part in a brawl that took place on board.It makes my blood boil that people are causing these issues and can not drink responsibly, I wonder if the new drinks packages are to blame.

I have to say that I will not be taking one as I would find it very difficult to drink 15 drinks in one day, I was hoping that you could still get the soft drink card as this was a fantastic idea. But that seems not to be.

Don’t get me wrong I like a cocktail or a Gin and Tonic now and again, but could never envisage me drinking 15 of them in one day I also don’t think I would spend £19.95 on soft drinks a day, so that package is out too. I have been on P and O many times and never witnessed any issues.

Do you really want to spend that hard-earned cruise like this :

I have also found that people onboard Royal and other cruises were a free drinks package (included in the price) has caused issues, So I know not just P and O, but again I ask is it the fact that people have the mindset of …. well I have paid for it so I better get my money’s worth. Are these people not normally such big drinkers and therefore it causes problems?

I realise with certain cruise lines it doesnt take alot of drinks to get your money back on a drinks package, thier prices are high per drinks and then the dreaded tax ontop.

I have had a look through the internet and all the issues seem to be when people have drunk too much. I also witnessed whilst onboard Arcadia which is supposed to have a 1 Litre bottle per person policy taking an awful lot more onboard and being in a right state by the end of the night!

The cruise ships that do not have drink packages and are more expensive to book do not seem to have these issues.

Do you think that the new drinks packages onboard are to blame? or is it just people issues?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. I am hoping that in October we will not see a repeat of last years transatlantic crossing, where passengers were put off the ship for brawling.


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