While The Pound Takes a Bruising – Choose To Go Cruising!

Hello Fellow Cruise Lovers!

This Summer  we have seen the pound drop to an all time low in recent years.                                                                                                            Various world factors continually affect the value of the pound, but noticeably, according to some big-wigs in the City,  since Boris Johnson was appointed our new Prime Minister.   With talk of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit on the table once again, the City is all a quiver sending the pound crashing against the Euro and Dollar.

To be fair though, (and I’m not an Economist) the pound has been taking a bit of a battering for the past 10+ years, so it can’t all be blamed on Brexit.  I remember when I first moved to Spain in 2006, I could get €1.65 to the £, and I also remember the $2 to the £ days.  I’ve also seen pre-Brexit, the £ fall to £1=€1.

Whatever the reason, this is affecting our holiday pockets, and we are now looking around for value for money holidays.  A popular choice is Turkey, as their currency is favourable against the pound at the moment.  But for those of us who want to travel further afield I have to agree with the ‘Experts’ that choosing to cruise, is the best value holiday by far.  Especially when you think of what is included in the cost.

Firstly you have First Class Accommodation – Beautifully furnished cabins, whatever you choose, Inside, Outside, Balcony, Suite.

Attentive staff, taking care of you every day.

You have Full Board – All the food you can possibly eat!  Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, Late night Buffet.

All your entertainment!  West End Shows, Broadway Shows, Magic, Comedians, Bands, Pianists, Acrobatics, the list really is endless. Three of my favourite shows seen on 3 different cruise ships were a Beatles Tribute Band,  Grease! and the Bangkok Lady-Boys Extravaganza!  A sight to behold!

Children’s Entertainment.  Specific to their age groups. As well as the Activities included in the costs.  Ice Skating, Rock Wall Climbing, Zip Wire,  Indoor slides aka The 216ft Abyss!  (which I used as a quick and convenient way to travel from Deck 16 to Deck 6 rather than queue for a lift!) Pools, Aqua Park, Slides Galore!  Competitions, Gaming,  Disco’ again, an endless list – and all FREE!

If  the cruise line throws in an All Inclusive Drinks package in the price, then you really are getting fantastic value for money!  Talking of which don’t forget the on board spend included!  Oh and the shops!  Invariably you will find 10-20-50 & up to 70% off ship merchandise.

Compare all that to a 2 week land holiday and you can see just what good value a cruise is in this present economic climate.

Dont forget of course, the best reason in my opinion to cruise – unpack just the once and wake up to a new destination and opportunity for a new adventure every day!

So to me – its a no-brainer!  When the £ takes a bruising – choose to go cruising!  You know it makes sense!

That’s all for now!




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