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    History Help

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been searching the internet for history information about visas for European countries. Usually, just typing in a few words will quickly throw up what you are looking for. I would like to know when was the last time a tourist visa was needed for a British Passport holder to enter any of the european countries.

    Can anyone throw any light on the subject? I have tried rewording the question a few times, but I'm drawing a blank. Plenty of information about visas but not the history I'm looking for. Beryl

    I don't believe that visas were ever necessary in Europe.



      They weren't, and passports were rarely needed until after WW1


        only eastern europe needed us to get visas.


          I think you may need to be more specific especially what you count as Europe.

          Many consider Turkey Europe and you still need a visa for there.

          a google of "British visa requirement to other countries" uncovers this which might be useful.


          Don't forget that a lot of Visa free countries have restrictions on stays including quite a few European ones.


            I wouldnt count turkey as Europe proper, it falls into a similar category to Egypt. I seem to remember that a visa for Turkey is just a money making exercise rather than to stop you getting in.


              Thanks for your replies. We have travelled around Europe extensively since the 50s and couldn't remember anywhere that required a visa. We did actually stop at Kusadasi in the late 60s but that was on a cruise ship. I wonder if a blanket visa for cruise passengers was in place at that time.


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