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A Forum Wedding

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    A Forum Wedding

    Some of you may recall that several weeks ago I had a mad 'spur of the moment' plan to have a 'secret' wedding in Southampton immediately prior to boarding a ship. I started a thread (which had to be deleted to preserve my secret) in which I asked for volunteer witnesses who could meet us at the Register Office on the day to spare us an hour of their time to help make my crazy plan come to fruition.

    I was deluged with volunteers, most of whom could not make the date, and was delighted when 'Lizzie and Mr Lymington' and 'Wen and Mr Seacoasters, Hampshire' kindly agreed to offer their services on the day. It was a bit of a long shot, trying to get things in place in a short period of time whilst keeping it a secret, but by keeping it simple I was confident it would happen.

    The initial idea was to meet our guests at the Register Office, get married, have a drink at the nearest pub then get on a ship for a short 'honeymoon' cruise. No cards, no flowers, no cars, no wedding breakfast, no photographer, no speeches............I think you get the picture.

    How wrong I was. Monday 7th January 2013 will remain in my mind for ever............

    10.45........My lovely fiancee, browneyedgirl and myself waited nervously in reception of the De Vere Grand Harbour until Wen and Mr Seacoasters (who we only met for the first time the previous day) arrived with the Bridal Car complete with ribbons and bows. Wen presented browneyes with a beautiful posy prior to distributing buttonholes for the remainder of the party.

    11.00.......After a short drive to the Register Office we met our principal witnesses, Lizzie and Mr Lymington for the first time. Lizzie kissed me twice, stating that the second kiss was from Mrs M.

    11.30.......After a photograph session and some necessary admin all six of us enjoyed a brief but sincere wedding ceremony in the tiny Register Office Room.

    Noon.......We arrived back at the Grand Harbour Hotel where we enjoyed an impromptu wedding breakfast of smoked salmon and champagne..........oh, and six bowls of chips...........all washed down with more Champagne.

    Toasts completed, Wen presented us with some beautiful hand-made cards and a Just Married sign. She also passed-on some cards from MarieC and Jill (Smith7) and their husbands. Lizzie then presented us with a lovely silver 'good luck' horseshoe and card. Mr Lymington presented us with a memento made from the cork from the bottle we used for the toasts and a pound coin for luck.

    14.30......We were just getting into the swing of things when our guests reminded us that Azura was sailing for Amsterdam in a couple of hours and that we might want to be on board.

    15.00......After a quick change of clothes for the bride, we headed for the ship and were safely on board in under an hour whilst our esteemed guests made their way back home.

    21.00.....After some drinks in The Planet Bar we enjoyed a wonderful celebratory dinner in Seventeen. A perfect end to a perfect day.

    So, with Bobbybuoy marrying browneyedgirl in the presence of Lizzie, Lymington and Seacoasters, Hampshire, with cards from MarieC and Jill...............oh, and a kiss from Mrs M..........was this the first ever Cruisedot Forum Wedding?

    I would once more like to thank all of you who volunteered to help and who sent us good wishes.

    I would especially like to thank our witnesses and guests, Lizzie and Mr Lymington and Wen and Mr Seacoasters for all their time and effort, without which the day would never have happened. They are lovely, lovely, kind people and we are forever in their debt.

    On behalf of my lovely new wife (who, I'm afraid, is too shy to want our wedding photos on the forum) and I, thank you so very, very much for a wonderful day that we will never, ever forget.


    Many congratulations Bob and Brown eyed girl..Much happiness always ,from a teary-eyed PT


      congratulations mr and mrs bobbybuoy. so glad that you both had such a memorable day. pity mrs bobbybuoy is shy as we were all looking forward to seeing your lovely wedding photos.
      don't want to work, just want to cruise.


        Wow...a story with a happy ending. Congratulations to you both.

        (I hope that you booked the cruise via cruise.dot and got a good discount!)
        See my cruise blog: HERE


          Thanks for letting us share the story of your memorable wedding day. Wishing you both lots of happiness and a wonderful life together. Many Congratulations! - Jan



            CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Bobbybouy and Mrs Bobbybouy (Nee BEG) with our best wishes

            Pete and Mrs. Pete

            Who said romance was dead??


            If I can't be SKIING then CRUISING is the next best thing


              What a great story..........That's one for the Grandkids in years to come...........Wilba


                Well Bob, it really was a great pleasure to have been able to help, we thank you for allowing us to share in this very special cruising Wedding Day.

                As no photos are to be shown, I have to tell forum members that the Bride looked truly lovely and a dapper bridegroom by her side.

                An added bonus was meeting Liz and her husband. Between us all we thoroughly enjoyed our part and the day was wonderful.


                  Hi Bobby
                  Congratulations and what a great way to start married life.



                    Oh I love a happy ending I am so pleased it all went so well.

                    Would have loved photos but as someone who hates having them taken I sympathise with Mrs BB.

                    Best wishes for a wonderful future together....Carol


                      I heard it was a wonderful occasion Bob. Congrats to you and Mrs BB.


                        So pleased everything went to plan .....well done and CONGRATULATIONS.


                          Congratulations and very best wishes to you both for a marriage filled with love and happiness


                            what a great story,does,ent it restore your faith in human kindness,when you think of all the horrors in this world,there are all these fantastic people about,just being....well,nice.congratulations to you both,BB.


                              Congratulations and long may the magic days continue ....Taffy & Mrs T


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