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Interesting people you have met on a cruise

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    Interesting people you have met on a cruise

    We have all met lots of interesting and occasionally not so interesting people on our cruises and even the odd celebrity, however 2 people were the most interesting and with a great life story to share.

    The first lady had been a secretary to the Tory Douglas Hurd and over dinner she would entertain us with tales of parliamentary and constituency life, great fun and never boring.

    The second was an elderly lady traveling on her own on a river cruise, i was standing outside with my phone and she asked me "Can you get the test match score on that thing", I said I will text my son now and we should have it in a moment or 2, the score came through and we got chatting, this lady had been one of Eisenhower's drivers during 1944/45 and been with him all over the UK and Europe, given the stories that emerged a few years ago about him and his driver not surprising that she was such a spirited lady

    I had dinner at a hosted table with a retired surgeon who had developed a method of giving blood transfusions as well as loads of other stuff. He was very old and his wife most protective (a good thing) but she allowed our conversation without interrupting us.

    the others that spring to mind are ornithologist Peter Holden and Master Mariner John Nixon. Both lovely men and always ready to chat.


      Met loads of interesting people including guest celebrities speakers who have been seated at the dining table with us. Won’t say whom though as it starts getting a bit personal!

      Also met/ dined with very interesting fellow guests who have turned out to be anything but ordinary.

      Anyone else Googled fellow guests to see if they’re for real and they are who they appear to be/do what they do? Amazing what one can find out, both real and exaggerated! I often wonder if wait staff do something similar, especially with the awkward 'don’t you know who I am' type guests.


        Our first caribbean cruise was on NCLs Norwegian Sea many years ago.

        We were sat at a table in the main dining with two elderly ladies who said they had both been civil servants during there working lives.

        I asked which branch of the civil service did they work in before they retired.

        It was then one of the ladies told us that she had been the personal assistant to Sir Winston Churchill up until his death.

        I asked what was he really like and what were her duties?

        She told us that it was part of her duties to take him his cigars and brandy whilst he was still in bed along with the morning newspapers.

        And that the more he read the more he became bad tempered he really did not like what was happening in the world at that time.


          We've sat with some lovely people over the years, the only thing is it makes me realise how little I have done with my life compared with some.

          I love listening to people, we sat with a retired lecturer once, and he had the most amazing speaking voice. I bet he got fed up with me asking questions so I could listen to him!!

          We've sat with hen packed husbands who haven't been able to get a word in, even when being asked a direct question. Also some women, who just haven't spoken at all and let the other half do all the talking. It makes for interesting holidays .................................................. .........Carol


            We met some lovely people on a QM2 cruise not so long ago. We found ourselves seated with them at one of the Captain’s pre dinner get togethers. After chatting for a while we discovered that he was a Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University (not someone you meet every day!) and his good lady wife was an enthusiastic and busy charity worker. They had flown from New York to just to join an 8 day cruise up to the Fjords and were very investing to talk to and had a great sense of humour. They were both well into their 80’s.


              I've met some interesting folks whilst on cruises including the forum friends we have been lucky enough to meet.
              One of them being our very own Wilba who has had such an interesting and varied life that there must be a book in there somewhere.

              I hope he's using this time of lockdown to start putting it down on paper.



                I must go on the wrong cruiselines or my cabins too lowly as I’ve never had famous table mates but I have met some wonderful people who have became long life friends. ❤️
                don't want to work, just want to cruise.


                  We were once seated at a table of 8. 2 of them were elderly ladies, and we were a little concerned that they may be boring. We discovered that they loaded up with gin and tonic before dinner, and they were a scream. The other 4 turned out to be the boring ones, and on a couple of nights we went to speciality restaurants with the 2 old dears who were brilliant company. Just shows you can't judge from appearance.


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