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Drinks on Room Service

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    I think we will buy a drinks package, I prefer to pay upfront rather than worry about how much it will cost and restrict ourselves on the cruise being our first cruise.

    Is it better to buy the drinks package before boarding the ship or while on board? looking at the online prices, the price has been the same for the ultimate package (£555 per person) on the RCI website for the last 6 months from when I first priced it up, but since then the $US exchange rate is much better against the £ at £1 to $1.70, are the packages in $US dollar when purchasing on board as with the current exchange rate it might be better to buy onboard?


      Originally posted by delandmo, Sutton, Surrey. View Post
      We find on the I.O.T.S your chosen ship, there are plenty of free beverages throughout the day, tea, coffee, fruit drinks and iced water. We are not one's to have alcohol with our meals and will have the odd drink in the theatre or later in Olive or Twist. Our drinks bill never exceeds more than 10/12 dollars per day. What about taking 2 bottles of wine on board to drink in your cabin, which I think RC have now allowed on embarkation, and replenish with purchases either at dinner or a bar and take that back to your stateroom. As mcphisto suggests enroll your child into one of the clubs, unless a babe in arms, they will enjoy it and will give you some free time.
      Yep, you can take 2 * 750ml bottle of wine on board per cabin, if we do not do the drinks package we will take on board. Our son Is 6 years old so we would not let him be on his own at a kids club etc, we got a room with a balcony so we can go back to the room after dinner and read or watch movies on a tablet on the balcony while our son sleeps.
      That's why I asked about room service originally, when I booked the cruise last summer, I was told that the drinks packages included room service (you just had to tip the waiter), so not happy this is not the case.
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