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Grab em when you can, another as it goes cruise report

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    Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
    We are on our 4th cabin since booking, got moved when they closed deck 5, bid on upgrade, got balcony with wrong configuration (bed at bathroom end) moved to one close to elevators with the larger corner balcony.
    Had to ask twice.

    They have resurected dinner with the officers another move back to normality.

    Ship felt empty last night nowhere got busy, today 9pm departure and quite a few are on the long Berlin excursion so should stay quiet.
    Far too much hassle for me, once I’m unpacked I like to get settled. I accept if you were forced to move because they closed deck 5, that’s a different matter. Were you given help moving your belongings?

    On port days I enjoy staying on an almost empty ship. It’s a good opportunity to visit different areas of the ship, take photos and just relax.

    Thanks for the daily updates TD.


      Glad to hear you are on board and settled.

      I wonder if things will ever return to 'normal' or whether we will always have to be tested before boarding?


        It was only one physical move and we knew we would ask for it before we got on the ship as we don't like the bed at the bathroom end, did not unpack till moved just wheeled the cases 10 cabins down the corridor.

        Checked out deck 5 this morning it is not locked off has signs aft to the gangway forward so you can use the corridors.

        Some outside cabins have red stickers on the doors and there a bunch of insides that are accessed by an interior corridor marked as PPE required eyond this point.
        it looks like a few cabins are occupied as there was one service cart in the forward section.

        Heading into Warnemunde soon.
        Lazy start, up late last night on the beverage package.

        Might try some pics when I get some wifi


          We are in Tallinn today but first a recap

          Warnemunde lovely sunny day and very warm required a couple of refreshment stops on our walk around.

          Return to ship for a beer and chat on the sunny side of the waterfront after a snack in the buffet OH went salad I had a small reubens and borito.

          The show was Broadway unplugged done by the cast of million doller quartet, show songs done in different styles.
          Really good the cast can sing and play the instruments.

          Then on to LA Cucina using one of our loyalty Dinners.
          We could not sit outside as the super day had been followed by a storm with torrential rain.
          Trying to avoid being creatures of habit we deviated from our usual choices resulting in pleasent meal and not coming away stuffed.

          There is a party band 2 duo and a solo piano yet to hang out with them so no idea if they are any good.

          After dinner we head to Howl at the Moon a long running resident feature on some NCL ships.
          Dueling piano+drums 2 of the trio were on in Nov and the girl and they do get a bit crazy, request based and they will have a go at anything, from around 10:30 is the watershed when they include more saucy lirics.
          The scheduled finish is midnight but if audience is lively enough they will carry on longer we went to bed.

          Yesterday was our only sea day, the schedule is filled with normal cruise events, the atrium carries most of the quizz game shows etc, seminars(sales) are spread around other locations
          Nothing stands out.

          The Q&A with Captain, chief engineer and hotel.
          First part just slides and script by the CD not great.

          Captain was funny
          capacity said to be at 1228.

          We had planned a lazy day with early dinner, had our usual breakfast at O'Sheehans then an early light lunch snooze and beers.

          We used our other loyalty Dinner for Le Bisto French themed.
          This was a close repeat of the Nov dinner.
          Scollops in a cauliflower veloute.
          Veal chop
          ​​​​Choc desert

          Strawberry with ice cream.

          Then onto rock the pour house with the Syd Norman cast
          Band is very good and the main singers have good voices but the girls can't quite hit the big stuff that gets a little shouty.

          Then onto howl till midnight

          The main show was Burn the Floor seen it before and the times did not fit so skipped.

          A sea day the ship feels empty hard to know where everyone is, we have been on when nearer full and everywhere gets busy.

          Even for the most popular venue like Syd normans you get a seat.

          Off for breakfast now.


            We thought we were going to dock in nynashamn turns out we are going into Stockholm

            One of the most spectacular sail in/out you can have when it is sunny and dry sitting outside with a beer.


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