Visa or No Visa – That is the Question!

Visas are a real nightmare both for us and for our customers.

It is not the actual process of applying exactly, it is getting the right information which seems to cause the problem. It really is a minefield.

I had a lovely family recently who had booked a Caribbean cruise and needed to get an Esta Visa. One of the Party could not have an Esta so needed to apply for a Full Visa. He had the interview and completed everything the embassy asked for but it still did not come through in time and he had to stay behind.

It is so important to make sure you check what requirements you will need before you book especially if you think there may be difficulties and if not you need to make sure once you are booked you get all the information and know what you need and when you need to apply for it.

We are Travel Consultants but we are not Visa Experts.

For the most up to date advice, we recommend you contact our Visa Specialist CIBT


They will advise you if you need a Visa and if so what type of Visa you need. They will even help you obtain a Visa if you need a full one, although there is a fee for this service.  they really are the best people to ask.

E-Visas or Electronic Visas to give them their full name can be a particular issue as advice can be conflicting and a simple mistake over which airport or port accepts it can mean the difference between you travelling and not. It is hard to know which website or advice is right?

So don’t get Hot under the collar. You don’t want to end up arguing with Authorities and ruining your trip.

Don’t get caught out and ruin your Holiday of a lifetime

Just go Online to CIBT on the link below


or call and Get professional advice

0844 8004650

Its easy and will put the smile back on your face.




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